WWC-DC Nation Panel

Pssst, CBR. Your coverage of this panel sucked. Really, really terribly--were you perhaps half-drunk when this was written out?

Here's a good example of how to do it well. Good show, Newsarama!

Anyhow, there's a lot of interesting things afoot--and a LOT of them sound pretty terrific.

  • See Blackest Night for some Aquaman stuff?
  • Superman and Company sound like they're getting revved up a bit--I especially appreciate the inclusion of Supergirl's book into the universe-proper. Thanks. The new team for her sounds promising.
  • Shut up McKeever.
  • No. Really.
  • More Elseworlds!!
  • Seriously. Stop talking.
  • Dick Grayson would make an emo permanent Batman, dammit. That cowl is far, far too broody for our circus boy. Give it to the thug.


Kirk Warren said...

Ya, the Newsarama coverage of that panel was excellent. Shame the rest of their panels were done similar to the CBR version you linked to. Whoever typed up and formatted the DC Nation Panel should have did them all. So neat and organized with proper bolding for everything. Almost looked, gasp, professional!

However, is it that hard to have in-line images at either site? Or any real images for that matter? It's hard to believe it's about comics when they can only slap together some clunky, slow loading 5 image thumbnail slider at Newsarama. CBR at least had a few articles with the images bunched at the bottom, but not many.

Girl Friday said...

Right? When running a comic book news site, professionalism would be key. Especially one as seasoned as this one--I think what kills me just as much as the shoddy (and often mistaken) coverage are the very basic spelling and grammar errors.

I'm bummed about the lack of images as well--in-line is terrifically easy to do, especially when loading from a digital camera. And it looks quite nice.

Understandable about no pictures at the Ellis panel, however--that camera probably would've found it's way up the guy's ass, but as for everything else . . . meh.

I would love to see both sites gain a little in the way of professionalism and start taking themselves more seriously as a news site.

Girl Friday said...

P.S. I hope all that made sense--it's quite, quite hot over here and I'm a little bleary.

Evie said...

Ok, so I have a McKeever question. As you prolly heard me blabbing about in the podcast, he basically single-handedly got me into comics, with his teen Marvel book "Sentinel" and then "Mary Jane". Then he went over to DC and sucked on everything. I also hear a lot of people vaguely bitching about him without specifics. Is the vague bitching because he sucks on the DC stuff, or is there some personality issue that I just manage to miss? Because I really did like him on the cute stuff.