Thinking Caps

I've been meaning to pose this question to everyone for . . . shamingly long, really, and keep forgetting. Excellent!

Possible suggestions for what R.I.P. could stand for, if not for Rest In Peace? (Edit: Oh brain. You're not so old that you can misspell 'peace' and take three hours to realize you did. Highway 167 is like my Highway of Stupid Realizations)

Robin In Pieces?
Robin In Pants?
Rorschach Is Pretty?

Sound off. The more obscure, the better. I'll take funny as well.


themaimedman said...

Random Is Prefarable
Ra's a guul In Parralelagram
Rastafarian Insect Politeness
Ribald Injury Paranoia
Royal Injection Party

Hows that for starters.

Kyle said...

Regis I'm Peeing

Doctor Smoke said...

Rectal Implosion Pancakes
Robert Ingrid Poopsicle
Raggae inwards, please!

off the top of my head.
and off the edge of my foot.

Bizeau said...

Realize It's Pointless

PalinDrome said...

Royally Ignoble People
Really Intelligent Pandas
Rocket In Pocket
Raccoons Injure Puyallupian
Rabies Incredibly Pervasive
Random Innocuous Phrases

Ferretnick said...

I agree with Bizeau.

Hey! On a side note, I stopped by Redmond last night on my way home to say "hi" but you'd left already.
How are we supposed to hang out at the shop and chat with you if you don't stick around?
As it was, I talked to Mike for about 3 hours! Hotness had to call the store to get me to come home.

Wicked Juan said...

Random In Progress
Ra's Is Predictable
Robin Is Perplexed
Riting Is Poor
Reality Is Perceived

I like Kyle's...

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Ragu Is Putrid
Rage Illuminates Pickles!
Ribald Illustrations Pique
Rabies Itch Perniciously?

Elwood said...

Rather Ignorant Plotting
Road-rage Inducing Pedestrians
Republicans Ignore Poor
Runaway Incan Pottery
Regurgitated Indian Paan
Red-State Inclusive Pandering
Reclusive Insolent Padawan
Radioactive Insect Punctures

Doctor Smoke said...

Ruptured Ignu Penis
Rolling Irate Pensioner
Racing in Pairs

Elwood said...

Randy Internet Pornography
Running In Place
Return If Pilfered
Remote Igloo Party

Anonymous said...


Robins in Paradise!

Yes, that's where they all are. Paradise Island. Or something.

Robots Invent Plots!

Robin Illicits Pardons.

Righteous Inevitable...Pork.

I suck at this.

Darth McQuinn said...

Really Isn't Pleasing
Rotten Insipid Plotting
Ridiculous Interior Pages
Read In Purgatory