R.I.P. Awards

To date, Thinking Caps has brought in the most comments--so congratulations goofballs for being plenty awesome, strange and hilarious.

With no further ado, I'd like to present:

The R.I.P. Acronym Awards:

Best Political Entry:

Elwood: Red-State Inclusive Pandering

Best Entry That Possibly Predicts My Doom:

Palindrome: Raccoons Injure Puyallupian

I have my suspicions that he is training them as I write this.

Best Entry Involving Elderly:

Doctor Smoke with: Rolling Irate Pensioner

Best Entry Involving Pickles:

Oracle_Batgirl: Rage Illuminates Pickles!

I would like t
o note here that they are the Hulk's favorite, and if anyone would know what tasted best with Rage, it would be him. Also, picture is a link to the t-shirt.

Best Morrison-Despising Entries:

From Darth, for he has eaten of the tree of bitter and went back for seconds:

Really Isn't Pleasing
Rotten Insipid Plotting
Ridiculous Interior Pages
Read In Purgatory

Wicked Juan came in here at a close second, with: Riting Is Poor (you lost under the sheer weight of his wrath)

Best (Worst) Mental Imagery:

Elwood, with the beautiful: Regurgitated Indian Paan

There is no picture for this Award. Because I don't like throw up.

Best Possible Superhero Title:

Nevermore, with: Righteous Inevitable Pork!

I am so happy that I got an actual hit on my Google Image search for "superhero pig". Note: Picture is a link to John Kricfalusi's blog.

Best Entry Regarding Bodily Functions:

Kyle: Regis I'm Peeing

Note: There were far more entries regarding bodily functions than expected. I'm not certain how I feel about this.

And, the best of the best, the creme de la creme and . . . [insert other phrases here] is . . .

B to the Bizeau with: Realize It's Pointless

Thanks to everyone for participating.

I think.


Wicked Juan said...

We should hold contests like this one at work. We have more acronyms than the Army. And I guarantee at least 99% of them are lame.

Good job everyone! Nice to see I'm not the only one who's not fond of Mr. Morrison's riting.

The poor pselling though, that's on me.

Doctor Smoke said...

I can't believe it! A lead-packing granny!
thank youse :-)

Bizeau said...

Ha! I knew my apathy would eventually get some kudos.

John said...

Really, I protest!
Redo, I plead!

Retcon in Progress
Ra's Improbable Plot!
Resurrecting Interned Parents!
Revealing Identity Publicly
Retiring In Parbat
Robin in Peril!
Removing Implacable Pennysworth!
Replacing In Penguin
Romancing Ivy, Poison
Ruined, Indigent, Pennyless
Rotting In Purgatory
Return In Power
Recovering, Icons Prevail!
Rejoicing, Including Partying

Evie said...

Hey, I missed this contest somehow. But that's probably ok because I'm stuck at trying to do something with "Ragman," which is retarded.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

I'm pleased that pickles recieved their just due with a category reserved just for the evil but somehow compelling vinegar enhanced vegetable.

Oh, and I think I need that tee-shirt. :)

Evie said...

i can't find your email address on this thing--please write me at awesomedbycomics@gmail.com so i can send you your prize.