What? What? What?

Hurm, I think I have two chapters finished and another four outlined. This is very clearly an error of some sort. I'm either hallucinating or have just written many words of pure shit that will make me cry upon reread tomorrow.

I'm hoping for hallucination as opposed to the alternative--sobbing over a flaming notebook has always struck me as a wee bit melodramatic.

In alternative, more interesting news, the DC Nation panel at Heroes Con sounded a little interesting. Newsarama's where I'm snagging my info.

Things I found especially interesting:

  • No Spoiler mini? Really? I'm beyond shocked. (note: there is a sarcasm puddle beneath this sentence)
  • Oh, Jason Todd was booed again. Fans continue to be unsupportive of an obnoxious character that kills people. And yet, the obnoxious non-murderers get cheered! Go figure! Witness the status quo and be depressed.
  • FINALLY a Batwoman discussion and solid history. Hasn't it been dangling over us for two years now? Lord.
  • BARTBARTBARTBARTBART. I don't know if it's because I found him absolutely obnoxiously adorable or if I'm a sick, sick chick and REALLY enjoyed watching a technically-six-year-old (or so) have relations with a GROWN ASS WOMAN. Too funny and endless fodder.
  • Palmiotti says "no comment" and stirs up the gossip-mongers and naysayers and . . . insert whatever here. We'll see.
  • Freddy Freeman!
  • More Black Adam!! My tiny little heart thrills and cheers and hopes for heads getting ripped off. Delicious.
  • And Aquaman!
  • Barrrrrt.
  • Winick's off Green Arrow/Black Canary! Next stop: Titans.
  • Mary Marvel again? Will she be wearing that muffin-cup skirt nonsense? Gosh, I really missed the exciting, deep and fascinating character she'd become in Countdown. Here's to hoping!!
  • Dick Grayson > Batman
  • Azrael = Awesome Batman
  • Tim Drake = Very Short Batman
  • Jason Todd = Very Awesome Batman
  • Linda Danvers? Hmmm . . .

Aaaand I should sleep, as it is two in the morning and I'm certain there'll be someone desiring my attention in about four hours.

Well, not so much my attention as breakfast, but hey.

Okay, I also watched the trailer for Babylon A.D. and . . . listen, I'm not going to be ashamed. Vin Diesel's voice alone makes my poor little stomach flip and my heart kick into serious overdrive. And he's smoking goddamn hot, plays D&D and is a geek, so I will go see it just because it'll be an hour and so of him being terrific. The movie, though, does look pretty good.

Take this with a grain of salt, I adored Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick probably far, far too much--in fact, I rewatched them TODAY. Go figure!

Don't judge me.


themaimedman said...

Hooray Productivity!

Hey wasn't Jason Todd the Robin who got his brains bashed in by the Joker, you'll have to explain this to me on wednesday?

I liked Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddik too, so boo to the haters.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Yes, I would have booed Jason Todd as well. His "return" was handled very poorly and his character has turned to crap.

Now, Linda Danvers? She was excellent as Supergirl (much, much better than the current crap comic) and I hope this means she is returning. Though the current comic gets a very small prop for finally bringing Resurrection Man back.

Wicked Juan said...

Hey! I liked Pitch Black and Riddick too! And here I thought I was the only one...

Don't get that whole stomach flippy thing though. But then I'm a boy.

Dr. Zoltar said...

You gotta respect that Vin admits to playing D&D and WOW.