Funny because it is TRUE.

Also I purchased, brace yourselves, 47 comic books and 9 trades. While Brian was ringing me up Friday demanded commission, then she removed all the money from my bank account and tore out my still beating heart for good measure, Brian simply had cartoon cash register eyes. So needless to say I used my Economic Stimulus Check to stimulate the hell out of The Stop's economy.

The Maimed Man, recounting his visit to The Stop yesterday. I cannot stop laughing. Because it is so very true.

I love retail. Especially on Wednesdays. It is the complete truth that I tell people, "Thanks for giving us your money!" after I ring them out.


themaimedman said...

It is true, you do love taking my money.

P.S. We so totally are not leaving on time. I called it.

Wicked Juan said...

This is the kind of cruelty I can get behind. :)

47 books and 9 trades?!? Wow.

Kirk Warren said...

47 books and 9 trades puts me to shame and I bought like 20 books this week...

Brian Meredith said...

This story was brought up at least twice during Poker Night. Everyone wanted my eyes to transform into dollar signs on the spot.