This is why I am so. Tired. Of. People.

Really? Really? We're still worrying about this? We have an American ambassador covering up illegal Chinese arms
, we have fear mongering in our elections, people being screwed out of their lives again and our country is going well past broke on a ridiculous 'war' that troops are dying in, nevermind the children--but hey, kids, violence is down! Fundfundfund! Fearfearfear!

And you're writing letters about a commercial and intruding your values on who you think should marry? Do I lobby for laws against stupid people breeding? No. And you idiots should be thankful.

Also: Dude. Pirates.


themaimedman said...

That makes me want to go out and randomly assault ignorant people. A lot. Sooooo stupid.

Yes piracy is alive and well in parts of the world. Unfortunatley the pirates are not dashing cool pirates, but juust greedy assholes who kill people. How uncouth.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

A)agreed on all points

B)Pirates are indeed streamlining and modernizing their pillaging, kidnapping and knifework/gunplay. And much like handcrafted Amish furniture sold at Costco, has lost some of it's cache.

C)8 long years of supreme asstards running our country has hopefully beaten some sense into the idiots that reelected Bush. Not that I'm judging or anything...*coughs*

Elwood said...

All the more reason to make the big change in November. The next President may have the opportunity to make as many as 3 Supreme Court appointments...think about that.

Doctor Smoke said...

I actually think that advert was very cute.
What the hell was wrong with it?
I can't believe there are still so many bigoted idiots without a sense of humour! And enough to pull an advert, no less!


Evie said...

Oy geez. My husband does the news for an LGBT radio station, so these are exactly the the kinds of things he writes and talks about all day, and I wonder why he's such a misanthrope.