This Week's Read Pile, or: Curry Dances In Heels Better Than You Do

Generally, this was a decent week in comics.

Here's a note: If, for some ungodly and strange reason, you want to hear my thoughts in my Books That Look Good (or not) post, but didn't end up reviewing for
whatever reason, comment and I'll do so.

Let's kick off with Burn #2, created by Camilla D'Errico, written by Scott Sanders with art by Camilla d'Errico.

Issue #1 was something of a disappointment for me, with the clunky writing and slow build, but #2 found its groove and
pulled it together to slide into an interesting story. I enjoy Camilla's sketchy art, but more than that, I am really enjoying the concept and plot of the story, which presented itself fully in this issue.

Very creepy mecha here and I'm enjoying th
e mental merging between Burn and Shoftiel (I believe that's its name). Scott's writing is definitely smoothing out and hit some great lines that enhanced the pictures instead of, as in #1, weighing them down. Very nice over all, I'm looking forward to #3.

Recommendation? If you like mecha and manga, this is a great comic book. Also, if you like the extreme misery of little boys.

Charlatan Ball #1. This ultimate crackness is brought to us by Joe Casey and Andy Suriano.

This is a story about a guy and his bunny. The guy, Chuck Amok, is a magician (think more Copperfield, less Zatanna) whose clientèle isn't exactly affectionate. Really, they're there to see all the strippers, not Amokacadabra, so it's hardly their fault. The bunny, Caesar, is a wonderfully predatory little friend who is also good for prop work.

Then there's this other dimension, where Amokacadabra is very badly needed for some distraction business and the rest is . . . well. The rest is doomful for our heroes and looking to be an excellent, alternative story. Highly entertaining and some solid writing is paired with visually stimulating, fun art.

If this book doesn't hit at least a cult classic by the time it hits trades, I'll
make someone eat their hat.

Recommendation: Give it a try, this is a promising break for normalcy.

Angel #8 already? Really? It feels like it shouldn't be eight months old, but alright. Brian Lynch and Franco Urru--WAIT! What's this?! Distinguishable characters? Good art? Dear GOD, this isn't Urru! None of it is! Three stories, by three different artists. Enjoyable, yes. Yes, yes.

Let's have a moment of silence, for the IDW GodsEditors have he
ard our screams of agony.

. . .

Excellent. I say thank you, thank you, thank you. So, anyway, the first story "Gwen" was written by Lynch and the art was done by the Greatly Welcomed Fabio Mantovani. I liked this one, the constant doom all Angel characters suffer freezes what
's left of the bright part of my soul. Which tickles, really, and is quite enjoyable. Gwen gets completely screwed and realizes she should've left L.A. about three minutes too late to get out of Dodge. Which sucks for her, but I like that this little piece was given to her and I hope to see more of our Electric Maiden soon.

"Civilians" was written by, again, Lynch and the art was done by Kevyn Schmidt, whose style slowly grew on me. He captured the subtleties of facial expressions quite well, which was one of the highlights of this story. Aside from just the simple awesomeness of this crazy guy, who we've all walked by and very secretly hoped wasn't right.

Haven't you always had that moment of doubt upon seeing a crazy person toting around an 'The End Is Near' sign? And then to see him later with a sword . . . I absolutely love it, Whedon/Lynch. Bonus points.

Very sweet and ultimately sad story that I enjoyed immensely.

Annnnnd then there's "Gunn"-written by Brian Lynch and Scott Tipton (lucky bastard), art by Mirco Pierfederici. The thing about Gunn, the really excellently wonderfully and terribly funny thing about Gunn is that this is a guy who, above everyone else, was always waiting to get screwed. Always. I have to love him for it, because he looked at the odds, put on some muscle, grabbed and trained a crew and said "Screw it, I'm in.". And never, ever expected to make it out alive. You've gotta love that in a guy.

Anyhow, this story is a complete gem. From Gunn's thoughts to what's going on to his realization and resolution of this is just completely great. Aweso
me, and so very Gunn, so terrible, I love it.

Recommendation: Well, not a good jumping on point, but IMO, this issue straightens up from the messiness we've seen before and tells three fantastically good stories. Hopefully the next issue grants us this as well and then we'll have three in a row.

Action Comics #866, written by Geoff Johns and pencils by G
ary Frank, was a great part 1. Brainiac was creepy, the flashbacks were creepy and Clark Kent, Jealous Boyfriend is adorable. I really, really enjoyed the page between Catherine Grant, Clark and the Donut. Quite funny.

Good show, Clark. Quite right.

Over all, this is a solid issue that had a nice, succinct set-up without it feeling like it's a set-up. Something that definitely isn't easy to do.

Recommendation: Pick it up, definitely, this is going to be One Of Those Arcs.

Green Lantern Corps #25 with Tomasi and Gleason was good. Really good, actually, but it was just another layer onto the cake that's being made and so it wasn't so much distinguishable (save for some truly funny Guy stuff) as maintaining the good ship lollipop. Which is perfectly fine, but I do hope there's an over-all climax before the end of the year. Know what I mean?

Hmmm, sleepy and distracted by Rocky Horror Picture Show. More tomorrow--most importantly, Sky Doll #2, Huntress #3 and Locke and Key #5.

Also, I'll be compiling a list of the Best Of What The Hell Is "R.I.P.", because you crazy wretches came up with too many that had me snickering myself stupid today.


PalinDrome said...

You should add the setup to the Action Comics punchline. It is funnier in context.

Girl Friday said...

You're right--I was worried about the size of it last night, but yeah, context = better.

Elwood said...

Just goes to show how "super" the man is...besides, w/x-ray vision, he's seen it all anyway. No saltwater funbags will impress the Big S.

Also, Saltwater Funbags is the name of my Emo side project.

themaimedman said...

So now burn is worth investigating too... goodbye money, we hardly knew ye.

PalinDrome said...

WTF: Geeked has gone all Girlie on us!!!! I am not secure in my sexuality enough to visit or comment on a site like this :)

Girl Friday said...

@E: You're going to need to have three or more bands now, you know. "Saltwater Funbags" would be another truly awesome band name, though, so it's probably worth the addition.

As for it being an Emo side-project . . . if you show up at The Stop in girl jeans, black hair fashioned with side-sweeping long bangs and hum Dashboard Confessional, I'm going to have to call Steph and see if she wants any help drowning you in the kitchen sink.

Let her know I'm always ready to lend a hand. Or chloroform.

. . . not that I have chloroform.

@M: Your money likes me more, clearly.

@P:Ahahaha. My goal is to get every single one of you in touch with your feminine sides. Next week at The Stop: Knitting 101.

Come prepared.

Evie said...

That series of boobie panels was runner-up for my panel of the week on the new podcast (which is up now, please listen and subscribe!).