NKOTB: Summertime

I'm absolutely certain that I should feel ashamed while I watch this, but I absolutely do not. Instead, I am thrilled, pleased and completely lost in a giggle fit that will last for hours.



Kyle said...

That's funny, for a second there I thought you said Danny...wait, Danny? Oh, where's my Q-Tips....ok, wow....REALLY DANNY?!? Remind me to tell you a story on Wednesday about Danny...

The championing people's comebacks part of me is happy, but watch the video again....that's what grinding on models feeling uncomfortable in your video cause you're married with kids looks like.

Love it.

themaimedman said...

Wow, a boy band who kept their sound the same but updated their look to... a rap video!?!, with sychronized dancing at the end?!?

Now all the need is some Cristal, and maybe some iced-out chains to go along with the army of scantilly clad women.

But hey it was far more entertaining than I expected.

qtilla said...


Now I can watch NKOTB AND have tequila. There is no conceivable way life can get better.

Girl Friday said...

@K: I was contemplating their awkward expressions and had that exact same thought!

@M: The synchronized dancing was my one of my favorite parts too. Though the introduction might be the absolute best.

@Q: There really isn't. I watched this again (thrice) when I got home. Until someone-who-I-might-divorce stole my wireless card in retaliation for hooking the video up to the TV.


Wicked Juan said...

Jenny, get your cards. They're BACK.

We will hand the cards out to the troops, so as to identify our targets. Hey, it worked in Iraq.

Girl Friday said...

@J: Amusingly, I have NKOTB trading cards. And so does Quiana.

And no, I'm not sharing. Hater! :)

Doctor Smoke said...

I hope nobody kills me or maims me for the remark...

but technically shouldn't they be SKFLTWABOTB?
as in: "same kids from last time who are back on the block'?

oh, fine.
*hands friday skull-clouting mallet*
do your worst.