I never thought I'd think this . . .

But curse you, Final Fantasy VII!

I'm attempting to research the Sephiroth for my book and am running into Problems. The Kabbalah discusses, quite intensely, ten of the Sephiroth that God manifested in his creation of the universe. These Holy Sephiroth issued from his right hand. However, there are also stories of the ten Unholy Sephiroth, of which I am mightily interested in gaining information about.

It is, in a word, Difficult. So far, I've only been able to locate an absent mention of them, but nothing that I can for sure rely on.

In being completely unable to locate a book discussing these in any small way, I have turned to Google, with the phrase "unholy Sephiroth" in a desperate attempt to find some small speck of reliable information.

Aaaand I get Final Fantasy finds. Excellently unhelpful. Even when I exclude the phrase "final fantasy", I'm getting nonsensicals. Or fanatics. Teeeeeriffic.

I think I'm going to have to track down an expert here in Seattle and attempt to pick his/her brain.

Any Sephiroth experts in the Blogosphere House?

Edit: La la la. Qliphoth was what I should have been looking for. I am immensely pleased. And still open to any Sephiroth and/or Qliphoth experts to sound in on various things.

Also, I love how every religion on our world runs on the theory of balance. It makes my world such a contented place.

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