And that's all I need to say about that.

Random note while I'm taking a quick break fromweeding in the sunshine, I mean writing the rest of the reviews, wait--cooking dinner and folding the laundryignoring everything I should be doing to terrorize my helpless, slow-moving spawnlings with a water gun.

I've decided to test drive this blog roll thing, which you now see lurking like a beast to your left.

Sound off about it like you've got a pairan opinion. I'm thinking perhaps three columns might be nice, at this juncture. Not that anyone actually scrolls all the way ass down to look at my tweets or history or tag list, but still!


Doctor Smoke said...
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Doctor Smoke said...

It looks pretty cool.
thanks for the link to BG, by the way!
I'm secretly hoping one of my R.I.P.s will be in the list, but Kyle's I think is the best of all.

Regis, I'm peeing?
pure genius.
It beats the crap out of my Ruptured ignu penis.

themaimedman said...

So.. pink, now I just feel girly when I look at your blog... also pretty. *says in gruff manly voice* "I better go get me a beer before I look at this", there we go now I just feel manly and pretty.

Blog-link thing seems cool, it introduces me to places I have not been yet.

And hey I posted, so check it out, and then mock my opinions if you have time.

p.s. I would have given you some sort of link shout-out thing in the post but I am ignorant and know not how to do such fancy things.

John said...

Pink is the death knell of blogs. For example: