I Got Awesomed, And So Should You

Before I do my reviews of this week's comics--later today, thanks to Diamond's late shipping of one of our boxes here at The Stop, I'm going to Pimp A Podcast or . . . PAP! Hm. That's not nearly as epic an acronym as I was hoping.

I like podcasts, because I usually spend an amount of time in my car that most people consider insane, and I consider my Zen Me Time. So for me, podcasts are important--especially good ones that'll keep me from ramming my Honda into the idiot in front of me.

First try podcasts should be bumpy. They should be a little bit clumsy and maybe a bit disorganized and the podcasters should be a little rough around the edges. And stuttering--there should definitely be some stuttering or stumbling. Also, tinny music.

Evie and husband Aaron over at Awesomed By Comics completely ignore the First Time Podcast Creed and turn out an awesome hour-or-so that has none of the first time blues. The Awesomed By Comics Podcast (ABC Podcast) is an awards show format for the week's comics--Marvel and DC, though I think we should throw some Image at them--that is intensely entertaining and fun to listen to as well as informative.

Even if methinks they don't share the Morrison love I do. They do get a pass for being The Most Adorable Geek Couple.

They have intro music and category openers, for God's sake! They each have their reviews, they have best/worst categories, they have best panels and more. The whole episode flows so well, their conversations and topics and opinions are informed and fun and interesting.

This kept me interested and content and laughing through heavy crappy I-5 traffic, which is no small joke around here.

So congrats to Evie and Aaron, for being complete over-achievers who set a high, high bar for themselves and shamed lots of seasoned podcasts this week by putting out a completely awesome newbie one.

Seriously, someone drop them a memo about the need to start low and slowly raise standards. Or just download it or subscribe to the feed and then tell them how completely Awesomed you got. I insist.

Excellent Geeking, you two.

Goddamn over-achievers.


Evie said...

Holy crap, and I haven't even sent you your prize for the Seven Soldiers thing yet! Seriously, a million thanks for the praise, even if you're totally lying. And setting up expectations that we now have to actually deliver on. I guess we have to think of more stuff to say this weekend. All I know right now is that there's going to be a substantial amount of Catwoman.

Girl Friday said...

The only thing I'm downplaying here is how ridiculously adept you two were--Radio Personality Husband is clearly cheating, Evie--and how freaking adorable the pair of you were discussing each of your picks for things.

Just keep delivering the awesomeness--and dear GOD, Catwoman. If there was ever a more mistreated and terrorized series . . .