My To Snag List

Here it is-My List
Where I draw line in blog sand
And end my haikus

Amory Wars II #1
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #15
Detective Comics #845
Duo Stars #1
House of Mystery #2
Haunt of Horror Lovecraft #1
Kick Ass #3
Nightwing #145
Noble Causes #34
Robin Spoiler Special #1
Secret Invasion #3
Tales from a Wonderland Mad Hatter #1
Tank Girl Visions of Booga #2
Trinity #1
Wormwood Calamari Rising TP


Elwood said...

After your constant ranting against the return of Stephanie Brown you'll still help validate it with your dollars, or will you just read it in the shop?

Girl Friday said...

Blast, someone called me on it. Okay, well, I had a long discussion with a fellow chick geek on the subject and agreed to give Dixon A Chance. So I'm giving him the Robin Spoiler special to make her look like a real girl.

And it wasn't constant! I took breaks! (tobitchabouttheTitansandfangirlGrant)

Dr. Zoltar said...

Let me know what you think about Haunt of Horror Lovecraft #1. I want to like it, but the art is kind of meh. Fall of Cthulhu is my leading contender for best Lovecraft works adapted to comic pages.

Doctor Smoke said...

I stumbled onto this blog some time ago and created a link to it on my own blog, bananaglass.

just thought I'd mutate from lurker into comment-making reader.
so.. hi, I guess.

I don't know much about comic books (as in famous artists, plots and whatnot).
but I draw swearing chickens and talking amoebas and stuff exploding.
I'd be honoured if you had a look at my "work" (inverted commas as in to say: I enjoy drawing bananaglass so it's can't be work).
yay geekdome.