My laptop is dead.
Leopard rendered useless now.
Warranty over.

I want a Vaio.
Perfect. Tiny. Pink. Vista?
Oh Mac, Jesus wept.

Oh Mac, my Macbook
is a piece of crap--please to
replace with new one?

What is an OS?
Perhaps Vista can be good.
Blue screen. Blue screen. Blue--

Edit: Husband said:
You cannot have another.
0 for 2. Bad luck.

Weep. You are heavy.
But I am strong. Run Vista?
Oh. No Dashboard? Weep.


Elwood said...

My Deepest Sorrows
On the loss of your laptop
May you find peace soon

A techless life is
Difficult to navigate
Boredom sets in fast

Bribery is good
Perhaps hubby needs something
Tit for Tat, some say?

Girl Friday said...

Your sympathies, nice
I fear bribery is moot
Husband wise to wiles

His stance stays stubborn
I must pull out the big lures
Leia Bikini?

Elwood said...

Leia may not work
Will need to play to the crowd
Kitty Pride cosplay

Always remember
Cautious Negotiation
No Spawn #3

Girl Friday said...

No Spawn number three
A people breeder I'll not be
two is perfect for me

Woe, I feel maybe
Leia and Kitty are lost
on the non-geek man

Perhaps I should be
someone from the UFC
and just beat him up

Dr. Zoltar said...

Vista not so bad
User Account Control sucks
Wishes it were Mac

Sideboard not Dashboard
Gadgets are not Widgets, woe
Feels like late add on