Justice Tastes Like You Getting A Ticket, It's Delicious.

This post is courtesy Dr. Zoltar, who threw my inbox a most excellent link to a local story.

Komo News reports that drivers impeding the flow of traffic in the left lane are now being pulled over and can be ticketed for $124. "The State Patrol said several recent collisions caused by slow vehicles in the passing lane have prompted increased enforcement of the law along area interstates."

So, to every stupid asshole that gives me that "oh, you're SUCH an asshole, I'm just following the LAW" idiotic pious expression when I lay on my horn and give them elaborate, 'shove it up your ASS' hand signals: HA. Fuck you and your little cell phone too.

Next stop: Ticketing the HOV lane.


Elwood said...

I'm with you, sort of. I get pissed off when people drive below the speed limit in the fast lane, but my anger isn't as justified when they are driving above it, only less so than me.

This smells like a fund-raising effort to me, and I'm not alone in that.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Yeah, I know that Ken Schram thinks it's to raise money, and maybe it is. But I really don't care. Whatever it takes to get those slow pokes out of the passing lane is fine by me. I'll take my chances getting a speeding ticket. Most of the time they don't ticket you if you're only going 7-10 mph over the speed limit anyways.

I only get angry at those folks speeding AND driving recklessly at the same time. Such as people racing each other down 167. If you're going to be stupid, do not do something that could involve crashing into me.

Girl Friday said...

I've never gotten ticketed for going 70 mph or directly below it (there was a ticket relating to going 80 in a 60, but shh. It was another lifetime!!). And as for Schram, well, sure he's right. He'd also be right if he pointed out that ticketing anyone for anything is fund raising. As are tabs!

I think so long as the fast lane is being used to pass and isn't impeding the flow of traffic, it should be fine--but I get caught behind way too many asshats going 58 mph.

Dr Z--did you see the big racer crash on 512 on . . . Sunday night, by the Puyallup Fairgrounds exit? Epic. Those tards--the husband and I were debating whether or not it was racing or drunk driving, then realized where we were and voted for both. Bleh.

Elwood said...

I'm not anti-speeding...I just think that there are better things for the cops to be doing than this nickel and dime bullshit.

Girl Friday said...

Oh, I know you're not, I was commenting on Schram--and you're right, there are way better things for cops to be doing.

But unfortunately for us, they've announced they're not going to spend time on small crime anymore thanks to funding. Ticketing = more cops? Our system is fucked.

Dr. Zoltar said...

I did not know about the crash near the fairgrounds. But it doesn't surprise me as people race down around that area all the time. I did see the aftermath of the drunkard on Canyon that took a car from his work and flipped it into a doctor's office. Darwin wins again.

As for cops, I HATE that when budget cuts come it's always the cops. WTF? We need more, not less. Why can't other, more useless, things get their funding cut? Did you know that there are only 4 sheriffs to patrol the entirety of unincorporated pierce country near Puyallup? That's just crazy.