Books That Look Good (or not)

Oh look, it's that time again! Books I'm either into or will be checking out this week:

DC, Wildstorm, Vertigo

Action Comics #866 -I'm curious, that's all. I really want to see where this is headed and I think I'll give it one issue to let me know.
Booster Gold #10
Gotham Underground #9
-Only because it's the last one. And I was stupid and read all the others. And maybe there'll be a pay-off. Or maybe I'll just learn my lesson that Penguin is never awesome. Either or.

Green Lantern Corps #25
The Huntress
: Year One #3
The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #2
Salvation Run #7 -Same situation as Gotham Underground, only I believe this book has been better. Or I'm just biased for Lex and Joker. At any rate, this book is a solid example of why DC rushed itself into Final Crisis and why they really, really needed to stop making so many tie-ins a year ago. More on this later.
Simon Dark #9 -I've been very, very strongly enjoying this series.
Tiny Titans #5 -The Book That Adorable Built.
Trinity #2 -If it doesn't slam it out this week, it's going to get a flip through next week.
Young Liars #4


Captain Britain and MI: 13 2 #2
Eternals #1 -I've been looking forward to this, so here's to hoping.
Genext #2 -Really liked #1, so definitely snagging this again. Interesting read and a fun concept in the midst of all the other stuff going on. It's a good side title.
Mighty Avengers #13
New Avengers #40
New Exiles #7
NewUniversal: Shockfront #2
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust #2
Skaar: Son Of Hulk #1
Sky Doll #2
-The series built of awesome. Awesome awesomeness abounds. Really.


Charlatan Ball #1 -I have been looking forward to this series too, the previews of it look excellent. I encourage an intent flip-through at your LCS.
Invincible #50

Dark Horse
(gets no cool pic)
BPRD: War On Frogs #1

Trades of Interest

Absolute Sandman Vol 3

Vinyl Underground #1
Marvel Zombies 2

Silver Surfer: In Thy Name
Ultimate X-Men #8
Wolverine: Enemy of the State Ultimate Collection
The Joker: Greatest Stories Ever Told
The Question: The Five Books Of Blood
Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Vol 24
Crawl Space XXXombies Vol 1
The Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol 1: Here Come The Spiders

Aaaand (you knew it was coming) Here's what I'm avoiding:

Titans #3 -Oh, hey, it's the cover that Crap built. Why does Nightwing look like he's regurgitating food to Baby Bird!Starfire? And why does Cyborg look so. freaking. ridiculous? And why are they still putting this book out? With a blurb like this:

Random hook-ups, internal fighting, envy…
what's going on with Nightwing, Starfire,
Flash, Beast Boy, Raven, Donna and Red Arrow?
Can this team get their act together
before their mysterious
foes reveal themselves?

I'm pretty sure that I don't even need to point out how ridiculously childish this series is, but I could if you really, really wanted me to.

Green Arrow/Black Canary -This keeps making my brain hurt in not very delicious ways. While there are some amusing moments, over all the story is just bad and the small gems scattered throughout aren't worth the agony for me. Avoiding like the plague and biding my time until they're all cool again.

Note: Birthday parties for children? Exhausting. But it was chock full of awesomeness--and totally sunny for the duration of the party. I was shocked and certain that I was going to have to entertain twenty plus people in my house and am now supremely pleased that I got to throw them into my backyard. Excellent. Even if it was all Spider-Man, all the time. Seriously, the kid got ten Spider-Man presents. Everyone I know took this opportunity as a moment for revenge.

Fine, at least he likes comic books.


Kyle said...

Kick ASS Ruled last week!

Anonymous said...

I was stupid enough to buy all of Gotham Underground too. You are not alone.