Very Quickly

I'm at the shop alone today and so far I have been informed three times that I am a girl.

. . . thank you, Comic Book Super Nerds.


Kyle said...

I see this as an exciting evolution in Geek boys everywhere when you consider the fact that they didn't run away crying.
See the good! See the good!

I'm sorry...

Elwood said...

In case you'd forgotten, somehow? Were these verbal statements, or more of the "hey, perv, I'm up here!" kind of reminders?

qtilla said...

I'm *so* happy you're at The Stop now.

There is safety in numbers.

Girl Friday K said...

K- Ahahaha, I love how you can always find the bright side on things. The Percocet on Weds prevented me from pointing out, "Hey! You have a dog!" but I thought of it later and laughed. Laugh too and then we can pretend I'm witty with good timing.

E- Those were TOTALLY verbal statements. No perving and very little chest-glancing (I was wearing a sweatshirt).
Q- I'm happy you're there too, because I know that when I suffer a fellow girl geek has suffered too. Or something prolific like that. Even if we still haven't run into each other. Damn your work!

We should have a Drinking Date. Check your calendar and I'll pawn my children off on the nearest stranger. Er. Or Person I Know And Trust With Spawn. Possibly that one I'm married to. So long as we go to a bar and not a club, I'm happy. Even happier after two drinks.