Meme! Youyou!

Evie tagged me for a meme and since she's always welcome to sit at my table, I'm ON it. (I'm such a grade schooler--very pleased I got picked. I was always LAST unless it was kickball, dammit) And I should just c/p her disclaimer for this because I'm right there with her so I will. Ha.

"Ok, I've only been reading comics for a few years, so I'm not the totally most qualified to find the perfect crossover or quirky nonsensical match-up. But here's what I got:"

What creators who are usually associated with a certain company (or, indeed, medium) would you like to see writing someone else’s title? For example, would you want to see JMS on Hellboy? Which DC character should Bendis have a crack at? Should George Pelecanos write Batman? (Answer:

Grant Morrison: Runaways. I think it'd be funny to give all the teenagers a big nonlinear storyline and watch them implode. Also, it'd be fascinating and he'd write a hysterical Molly. Though, if he permanently left DCU, I'd cry. We need him.

Steve Niles: X-Men. Wouldn't that be awesome? Spend a moment pondering the potential awesome of a Niles scripted argument between Wolverine and . . . anyone. And Batman, he could do some really excellent and fucked up--wait, wait! He IS. I'm being serious, I'm beyond excited for Batman: Gotham After Midnight--if you haven't read Simon Dark, Creeper, 30 Days of Night, please do.

Brian Lynch: I'd like to see him write Jason Todd (silence haters!!)--he does Spike beautifully and I'd love to see where he'd go with our back-from-the-dead bat boy. I think he'd actually get the right voice/stable personality (okay, stable-ISH) for him, unlike certain Countdown writers.

Simone: Evie said her writing Guy Gardner and I think that'd be hysterical, and she also said X-Men and I'm totally up for that. Emma really would stop for a moment and sweater grab.

Winick: I think he'd do very, very well on Young Avengers. Seriously, he could totally redeem himself for Titans #1 and make it an awesomely fun read.

I'd prefer it if Bendis kept his paws off DCU, actually. Lex might run around telling Wonder Woman to shut her cow mouth or threaten to stop her whore's heart and then Gail would get cranky and you wouldn't like her when she's cranky.

I think that's good. And again agreeing with Evie, I'm wandering around with MY lunch tray hoping to tag people that'll not mind . Lesse . . . Elwood, Qtilla, Kyle and FerretNick. Though everyone else doing it would be righteously awesome. (Cha.)


Evie said...

Grant Morrison on Runaways would be awesome, except that I don't think a brooding, self-reflective Molly would be a good idea. I almost said Jim Starlin on Runaways as a joke, and then I started thinking about that and it nearly made me cry so I couldn't even go there.

Elwood said...

Asked and answered!

Ferretnick said...

Looks like Elwood and I are on the same schedule!
Just got mine done as well.

qtilla said...

Uhm, meme sort of responded to in a half-assed Quiana sort of fashion. (Finally.)