Oh Balls

It's Day Two and I think it's safe to start speculating as to the whereabouts of the kiddo's cat. Let's all have an: Oh balls moment, shall we, because if something actually happened I'm going to have to explain it to the boy and that will not be an event that goes very well.

This is one of those times I wish that I could board that Lie To Children For Prettier Picture Of Life Train. Alas, I'm an evil, honest parent.

If she doesn't turn up tonight I think it'll be safe to start the Serious Worry on up. She's sort of a bitchy cat (I know, something I own, bitchy? Gasp.) and I hope she didn't get herself into an unfortunate situation with a possum or something.


Ally said...

If this is Levi we're talking about, I'd like to think she'd OWN THE FUCK out of any possum that came sniffing around, but ;__; oh no, Levi!

*frets* :(

Girl Friday K said...

It is and I'd like to think so too, but . . .

Maybe she's just ensuring that we love her. Maybe. Or maybe you and I will be canvasing the surrounding neighborhoods this weekend looking for her.

Elwood said...

Here's why you don't let them outside in the first place. Cats only "need" to be outside because their guardians don't "want" them in the house.

That being said...I hope that Levi comes back safe and unharmed. May the possums fear her wrath.

Girl Friday K said...

I agree, but hated playing the Catch That Cat game when she escaped, so gave in. My will is weak!

Elwood said...

See...my cat won't go outside. We brought her in about 8 years ago when her "owner" dumped her in the Pennsylvania woods, pregnant. She had her litter in the wild, and brought the bunch to a co-worker's house.

We took her in, made sure her kittens got to a feral animal specialist - one died of ringworm, but the other 2 are okay - and she never looked back. 2 solid meals everyday, tons of warm places to sleep, and will literally turn her back and walk away from an open door. "Fuck that," Dagne says, "I'm good here."

Girl Friday K said...

People that dump their animals tick me off--it's one of those senselessly cruel acts that aren't punished well enough. Like that big horse abuse story that happened a few months ago around here.

Good on you for taking care of her and her bastard kitties. I just wish Levi had the respect for square meals, affection and warmness that your cat does.

Still no sign of her and the snow isn't cheering me up. Time to don my Don't Freeze Gear and sniff around the neighborhoods.

qtilla said...

1. Aren't all kittens bastards?

2. My mother always allowed me to have overly elaborate funerals for my pets which made an appropriate space to grieve. Perhaps you should have a ceremony for Cat, missing and presumed dead.

3. Maybe my granny kidnapped your cat. She does that. You don't live in Monroe, do you?