I thought I could

A pretty decent weekend was had, my Jade came over for the big chunk of it and I strong-armed her into watching Jekyll and we also watched a nice chunk of Californication, which was excellent. Growing up I had a rather large crush on Mulder and now I have a super-crush on Moody. The series itself is highly entertaining as well.

Also, in the last episode of the first season (are there more than one out yet?) we get to see Moody all dressed up in a black suit which fulfilled my Mulder yearnings without needing to break out any X-Files DVDs.

Battlestar Galactica blew my brain to itty mushy bits, which was highly appreciated after waiting over a year for it. I haven't seen the Razor bits yet, which I definitely need to get around to doing.

My spawn are still leaking. Help.

I think it needs to be spring now because the rain is even starting to get to me.

I talked to my father on the phone for over an hour twice this weekend. Not only is this a world record, but it makes me think about things I've decided I'm too old to think about anymore. I love him too much and I think he's the only person on the face of this planet that I've ever actually forgiven for anything. Me=Daddy's Girl. Well, when he was around, I was. Am. Whichever.

There's nothing like getting half-drunk in a house full of friends. Okay, so I only have a handful of friends, but it's still fun to get drunk. And play magic. And watch horror movies. And bitch at each other about each other.

I am not a priss just because I have table manners.

I am tired of reading books and knowing that I write insanely better than that and could get published if I could just convince myself to haul a manuscript completely together. Or find the time.

Note to self: Find the time, you're too old to have success issues.

Julie Benz is coming to the ECCC which is awesome because now the guys won't be able to make fun of us female for drooling/fighting over Jamie Bamber and Adam Baldwin. Although apparently most of the other women are highly focused on Bamber. Which is perfect for me because Adam Baldwin makes my brain a little mushy.

I, like Elwood, will behave like a mature professional and will not lick his arms. I will, however, ask him VERY NICELY to sign the Full Metal Jacket DVD for my husband and look very, very, very pretty while doing it. Just in case he wants to sweep me away.


Elwood said...

Just the one season of Californication so far, which will be out on DVD on June 17th.

I need to watch Jekyll, if only to be reminded that Michelle Ryan isn't as bad as Bionic Woman would lead you to believe.

Girl Friday K said...

Get into the Stop and pick up your comics, dammit!

Elwood said...

Wow...that was harsh. And kind of hot. Yell at me again...

I'll be up tomorrow.

Girl Friday K said...

Ahahahaha. I'd yell at you in person, but I won't be in tomorrow. Damn you!

And you do need to watch Jekyll. Very badly. It is, hands down, one of the best series I've ever seen.

Ally said...

I am so glad Jade finally got to watch Jekyll!! I'd already converted my copies into teeny ipod versions, so .__. oops.

re: californication: fuck yes. that is all that needs to be said.

(Nat and I own up to season 6 of the X-Files but we've only just finished watching season 2...we kind of need to catch up to our own purchases. God, I fucking love Mulder. I can't wait for the new movie.)