Numfar, do the dance of joy!

Google Analytics is a special kind of crack. It has informed me I've gone somewhat international, so hello to the UK, Malaysia, Germany and New Zealand. Basically, it's a Super Stalking Website where I get to see where/how people are getting here. No weird search terms yet, in fact the only one was "Simon Dark" (go read it), which is reassuring. "woman and donkey sex" isn't something I think I'll ever be a source for.

. . . though I suppose now I've ensured it'll pop up.

Newsarama has an entire mini-site dedicated to
NYCC (yeah, the one I didn't get to go to) which I think is a clever idea. All their reporting also means I can feel like I went to the con, information-wise. I just haven't gotten any cool swag (see right), ogled, my feet don't hurt and I don't have a hangover. There's a big debate over at Occasional Superheroine over this picture done by Adam Hughes, but I think getting it's quite well done, if a little too Vanity Fair influenced. I'd love to see a Men of DCU version of this poster, so I can obtain both and frame them and shove them on my wall. Lots of comments about Batwoman's position/clothes, but I personally adore it. All the women look gorgeous, none of them are over-sexualized; they're all still feminine and sexy (shocker!) and rocking. So kudos to Hughes, imho, for a great job well done. If you got one and don't like it, please feel free to contact me via email to send it to me. Pretty posters need Good Homes.

I think this article is absolutely terrific. Jones and Morrison are adorable and delicious when they mug for the camera. God, I wish they were coming to ECCC. Especially Morrison, thanks to this panel (if I could draw at all, I'd be more insistent about Jones, but me picking an artist's brain is about as productive as running up a down escalator).
Anyone who is that frank and blunt about drug use in connection to their medium, discusses being a tranny and comes out on stage saying, "Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor!" cements their awesomeness. He would be one of those writers that I would love to have lunch with. I'd probably be too nervous and choke to death on my sandwich, but I'm certain it'd be really cool up until the dying part.

I'm looking forward to Final Crisis and all these panels about it have definitely revved me up for the event (too many links there? Weigh in). I've heard rumors about a certain character dying and if they do, I'll be upset/in awe/impressed. Which is exactly how I want to feel during a big event.

Morrison made this comment somewhere in those links: "
I don’t like killing a character. I much prefer to mess with them; death is too easy for these guys.” I agree with this approach to writing superheroes and it definitely reassures me about this event in general and having Morrison at the reins. Dying is too easy and terrible things happening to them, having them do terrible things for a greater good, et cetera, is yummier brain candy. I love all these characters best when they're truly suffering.

I'm not sure how I feel about Power Girl getting her own series, but I am going to reserve judgment until I actually see it. It's definitely a good sign that more women in the DCU are getting their own books, so long as this cover doesn't end up being subtitled: "Welcome to the warmest valley in the DCU!"

Jimmy Palmiotta said, "She is a very expressive character and being able to just draw a sexy well built woman is good for a pin-up, but this is a multi-layered character trying to make her way in the world and we wanted the right artist to be able to express in their visuals not only the obvious, but the inner
workings as well. The character demands respect."

And that's all true. There's nothing wrong with having Super Boobs so long as that rack is accompanied by an awesome, well-written character.

Simone doing the Secret Six
again is just fantastic and another great book to look forward to on Wednesdays. Simone said that "the Six are mostly about getting laid and getting paid." My response to this is the Dance of Joy. God, I love Simone, she's so hilarious and her brain definitely works on the same level as mine, so I know I can happily and comfortably look forward to this title. "There is a romance, and in typical Six fashion, it's non-vanilla and completely wrong." Yay!


Apparently at the DC Nation panel, there were promotional pins with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Hush with the text, "I am Batman?". I very, very badly need these pins. Or at least Jason's. Anyone? Please? Will they be at the DC Nation panel for ECCC? Please?


While I'm definitely bummed about not being able to go to NYCC this year, I am plotting to attend next year. So I can stalk Morrison.


Elwood said...

That Adam Hughes poster is sappho-rific! He's not so much with drawing of the dudes, though. The companion poster would have to be done by Cassaday, or Jim Lee, or even a Kubert Brother.

Also, it's a brighter day with Numfar in it. Thank You.

Dr. Zoltar said...

The Secret Six is one of the best under reported titles of this decade. Simone did a wonderful job on it and I'm happy to hear that it's returning. It should be on everyone's pull list.

And that poster is rockin'. Hughes draws the most beautiful women (though his WW will always be my #1). If/when he comes to the ECCC again I think I'll pony up some $$ to get an orignal piece of art from him to hang next to my Harris Starman.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Oh, I almost forgot, Jimmy Palmiotta is responsible for the Countdown fiasco. So I don't expect his Power Girl comic to be any good. I am hoping to be surprisingly wrong though.

I'm actually more excited to have Robinson on Superman. His Starman run is a thing of legend.

technogreek said...

I have it on good authority (though not guaranteed) that there will be cool pins at the DC Nation panel at ECCC.

Also, because everyone I know must hate me, I met and chatted with Grant for a while at the show. He's super nice. :)