. . . I am SO CONFLICTED NOW. ::sob::

Also, am turning off the computer now. Four posts in one day = Too Much Time Spent Not Fiction Writing.


Elwood said...

That's still not enough to get me to read Marvel. Whedon writing X-Men got me to read Marvel, but even he couldn't get me into Runaways. I'm even regretting X-Men since he decided to adopt Frank Miller's release schedule.

I heart Waid, but not that much.

Girl Friday K said...

Haha--he really did adopt Miller's release schedule with both X-Men and Runaways and it actually killed off my excitement for the books too. His somewhat consistent lateness really surprised me though.

This is the absolute last title I would pull though. So it's like Marvel is MOCKING me. Quesada specifically.

I should spam their inboxes with I Can Has Cheeseburger?. Muahahaha.

Also: CHRIST, you're up early. It's Saturday, snowy and you're childless! Go back to bed! ;)

Elwood said...

I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Bah! I still won't read it. Marvel lost me as a reader during the Spider-Man clone saga and the X-Men Onslaught crap. The only Marvel titles I buy now are Astonishing X-Men and Marvel Zombies.

Though DC is starting to lose me too with all the Countdown horrid story telling. Image is looking better every day (go Kirkman!).

Girl Friday K said...

Astonishing X-Men is total gold. I've never read Marvel Zombies, though.

God, Countdown is such a travesty--I really think that the writers at this point are phoning it while still drunk from the night before. I'm going to hold out on judging DC until after Final Crisis is over.

I really need to read The Walking Dead.

Ferretnick said...

Waid or not, if "One More Day" is still going to be in continuity canon, Spider-man is dead to me.
That whole Mephisto crap really cheesed me off.

And... WHAT!?!
You work in a comic shop and STILL haven't read The Walking Dead??
Are ye daft, girl?

Girl Friday K said...

OMD will remain dead to me. No matter who goes and writes it.

Exception: Morrison. But I'm PRETTY certain he's better than that. (pleasegod)

And you're right, I am SHAMED by my lacking--and am thusly shaming my Comic Shop Girl Friday status. I will conquer the trades this week. Consider me resolved.

Madeley said...

It's just a damn shame that Marvel didn't put Waid, or Joe Kelly, for that matter, on Spider-Man about ten years ago. You know, instead of micro-managing and rewriting them so much they both almost quit comics entirely.

Girl Friday K said...

Thoroughly seconded. I wonder if now all the interest in writing Amazing Spider-Man is akin to being at ground zero of a terrible train accident.