I'm Going To Hell

I think I might be a terrible person for a) finding this funny and b) only really feeling sorry for the landlord.

(I give convicted sex offenders no sympathy love. Me = Failure in the first of the Four Noble Truths)


Ally said...

Dude, criminals blowing themselves up is never NOT funny. It is practically biblical. I love it <3

(Although, the picture of the house cracks me up just because the explosion-hole is so PERFECT it looks fake.)

Elwood said...

It's okay if you're going to hell, because he'll be there too and you can laugh at him some more.

Dr. Zoltar said...

I drove by this house this morning as it's only 5 minutes from where I live. Arial pictures do not do it justice. You can see pieces of stuff that were thrown into the air and landed several yards away as well as the semi-melted vehicles still in the driveway.

The bomber was a class-A idiot and deserved what he got. And the homeowner/landlord must be going through hell right now. How do you explain something like this to your insurance? Especially after seeing a picture of the guy who was the renter. He had "Crazy Eyes".

Girl Friday K said...

Ally: It IS biblical--and the house definitely looks like a movie model.

Elwood: Oooh . . . perks. Awesome.

Zoltar: It's actually really close to my house too, I have plans to drive by tomorrow and peer. I definitely feel terrible for the owners. Insurance companies probably don't cover Crazy Eyed Bombers--though maybe it could be considered an 'Act of God'. Makes sense to me.

Really, though, you'd think that if the house was being rented out they had insurance policies for that, maybe? Something?

Evie said...

Hey there, hope you don't mind, I tagged you on a meme: