Good Lord

. . . it's sunny down here today. And warm. So I was in the backyard with my spawn and while I was there, I noticed something very, very strange. The grass is actually green again. And rather long. I think . . . I think I need to mow. Which brings up a very, very important question for all of you.

Does anyone have or know of a good, cheap lawnmower I could buy? Or take home for free?

I don't want to be that neighbor in my new neighborhood with the long, unkempt grass that looks as if it's attempting to take over the fence.

Also: I am going back outside to play. Sun! A mess being made somewhere OTHER than my living room! Both very good things!


Elwood said...

How big is your yard? I have an electric lawnmower you can buy if you have access to an outlet and/or extension cords. Evironmentally friendly, too! Package deal if you want the weed wacker, too.

I am both habitually lazy, and woefully incompetent when it comes to lawn care, so I pay someone else to do it.

Girl Friday K said...

My yard is pretty big, actually--we bought a house on a corner lot that's a really awesome size that someone creative and moneyed should do something with.

I planted flowers and we're plotting Children Playfield (ie Babysitter Death Trap).

That would be terrific, we do have outside outlets and one hell of an extension cord. How much for both?

If only I had a Cabana Boy to do my lawn care for me . . . apparently slave labor is 'illegal' and 'morally wrong'. I see nothing wrong with 'employing' a poor college student with Mrs. Robinson fantasies.

Elwood said...

That might get me interested in lawn mowing...um...er... :)

$100 for the set, obo? Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club...personal checks ok...cash accepted but only with proper ID.

Kyle said...

I get more and more disturbed that you refer to your "Spawn" as "Spawn"...

Girl Friday K said...

Hmmm . . . I thought I replied to this.

$100 sounds perfect and I really appreciate it. I'd like to snag it in the beginning of May (tax refund!). I don't mind picking it up either, or grabbing it at the Awesome Bag Stuffing Meeting/Party or whatever works out best for you.

My husband is going to be SO EXCITED when he gets to help me mow the lawn!! Insert Evil Laugh Here!

Elwood said...


I'd bring them up to The Stop and leave them there for you, but there's no place to put them, really.

E-mail me to arrange deilvery/pickup. If we can't co-ordinate a meet prior to the bagging party, we'll plan on that. Payment not required at time of delivery. Pay me when you can.

Girl Friday K said...

Excellent, thank you so much again! I think George and Brian would get a wild hair and accidentally chop off some vital appendages if left alone with a weed whacker.

Will email!