My hair is purple

Sort of. Actually, it's an amalgam of blue, purple, dark pink. It looks pretty good, except for the parts that don't. Aren't I helpful?

When I'm not lazy, I'll put up pictures. Provided I remember.

This is the coolest thing I've heard in ages. I don't think Zetaman is stupid. I think he's terribly goofy and hilarious, but completely wonderful. He started out doing citizen crime fighting but shifted to helping the
homeless after getting into trouble and whatnot.

"I want to help because I grew up poor and I grew up starving and stuff," Zetaman said. "I'm an adult now, I have a job and I just want to help where I can."

It's so cheesy and geeky and absolutely perfect. I really, really love what this guy is doing. Apparently the word has spread around and there are actually superheroes in other cities doing the same thing and I think this is one of the best news stories I've read in months.

"Zetaman says he's met with some of these other solo civic social fighters and an alliance may be in the works."

I can't stop laughing while reading this article--I'm actually really happy, which is so strange while reading a news piece. I'd like a Seattle Superhero, please. This guy totally deserves a key to the city of Portland and a plaque, what he's doing is absolutely terrific.

The homeless may seem like a big waste of time to some, but I really believe that a nation should be judged on how they treat their least fortunate, not their most. There should be superheroes going to foster houses and group homes too.

Rock on, Zetaman.


Elwood said...

I keep telling you...I'm not into cosplay.

Ally said...

must. see. your. hair. D: D: EMAIL PICTURES, WENCH.

Kyle said...

Seriously, this rules. I've spent the last hour going over his site and watching/reading pieces on him and even just emailed him telling him so. This guy is legit and his heart is in a very good place. I would be down to do this as well, you? :)

Gotta get a tazer first though...smart move on his part. We need more stuff like this!!!

Dr. Zoltar said...

I'm sure between the lot of us at The Comic Stop we could put together a JLA for the homeless. Though I look like crap in spandex.