A Question

This occurred to me, so I have to pose a question to my fellow senior hench-bosses serving at ECCC with me.

Is it asking too much to ask the newbie volunteers to learn the Dance Of Joy so that they might perform it on command? It could be part of the rites along with making it through the day without crying or assaulting Jamie Bamber/Julie Benz/Adam Baldwin/Anyone.

(No Assaulting Jamie Bamber doesn't apply to Hotness, who I'm pretty sure could take me if it came down to it).


Elwood said...

I would make the Dance of Joy an application requirement, but that would mean I'd have to learn it myself. Which I'm not inclined to do.

I would never dare to step on the genius that is The Whedon, or his dancing.

qtilla said...

I am in favor of dancing in all forms and for every occasion.

Dr. Zoltar said...

The newbies should learn that serving under us senior staff is an honor and a privilege. Not only should they learn the Dance of Joy, but when we say “Jump!” they ask “How High?”. When we say “Run!” they ask “How far?”. When we say “Go get these comics signed for me!” they ask “In what color ink?”

Wait, what were we talking about again?

Ferretnick said...

As the show gets closer, I'm becoming mad with power!
That I will be able to voice my commands towards underlings and
they will obey me is like nectar to my soul!

So, yes.
If I can make them dance on command, I think it should be required.

And thanks Dr. Zoltar. You gave me an idea....