There is nothing a good geek won't argue

Geek fight! The super funny (aside from an Aquaman Fatality joke) starts halfway down the page in the comments, c/p'd for your convenience.

Richie says: Batman is my favorite superhero and this can be an awesome game.

But Fyreblazer disagrees: He's not a superhero (keyword: super). Neither is Iron Man. Me & my friends have had this discussion many a time.
Pather COUNTERS for Richie: Good for you and your friends. Meanwhile, Batman and Iron Man just saved the world a few times and held their own against Superman, the Hulk, the X-Men, etc. Just because they don't inherently have powers doesn't mean they're not superheroes.
Ooooh, BURN on Fyreblazer!! But he has a rebuttal ready: Batman always carries kryptonite with him to keep Superman in check. Iron Man's suit is stocked with all types of shit that he plans ahead for. The word superhero inherently means that they have super powers. Ok, I'll tuck my nerd back in now...lol.
Pather, with the aid of a dictionary, is ON it!: super: adverb (as modifier)
especially, particularly
hero: noun
a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities
Hey, thanks Oxford American Dictionary! Sexist part "typically a man" aside, seems like the roots of superhero can be applied to those without powers. And even if you want to claim that when you combine it into one word as "superhero" it does imply powers, the fact that Marvel and DC have trademarked the term "superhero" means they can use it on anyone they want at any time, including their very popular franchises Batman, Iron Man, hell, even Robin.
Andrew jumps in with a succinct, maybe case closing comment:
Batman and Ironman are both super heros. A hero is a firefighter that saves some kid from a burning building. A super hero flies around in a fucking rocket suit and saves the world. Case closed.
But wait, it seems the case ISN'T closed because
Aahatimy confuses his/herself: Just because they don't have any superpowers doesn't mean they aren't superheroes. I'd still say Ironman is easily a superhero because with the suit he gets superhuman abilities and I can see where you coming from with Batman but I'd say he abilities come more from his enemies fear of him. The fact thsat he doesn't have any superpowers also means he doesn't have any superweaknesses as seen many times he is digging the rest of the JLA out of shit. Anyway superpowers doesn't equal superhero.
I've just confused myself.
And Yourself finishes the whole debate off VERY succinctly, thus proving comic book readers are highly verbose and educated
: To pather: Not really sexist. Hero is typically used for a man because heroine is almost always used to describe female "heroes". Unless you're reading Y, that is.
As for the "what is a superhero" debate, I'd say a superhero is someone who devotes their life to being a hero (thus including Batman and Iron Man). And any numbnuts that reads modern comics knows that Iron Man does has super powers, so stfu.



Elwood said...

Geek fights are silly affairs. You get all of those Clearasil fumes in one basement, you're bound to have trouble.

Girl Friday K said...

It's one of the greatest "my knowledge(penis) is bigger than YOUR knowledge(penis)" situation.

I LOVE Pather mocking Fyreblazer over discussing this with his friends and then goes on to whip out a dictionary for an argument.