Warner Bros and DC Discussing Movie Strategies?

This is a hopeful thing to wake up and read. DC, top creaters and top dogs over at WB discussing movies and probably discussing how to go about doing what Marvel is doing by linking all their movies together.

Fans have spent years saying what they want to see from comic book movies is an all-over sort of continuity. Studios have been reluctant to push this, thanks to wallets and requiring actors to sign contracts, the difficulty of retaining directors and writers and on and on and on. Basically, laziness.

Marvel sort of bit the bullet and just did it, didn't they? And wow shit, did it work. I'm not the only one who noticed how good Hulk ended up doing, right? 55 million on opening weekend isn't anything to sniff at for a movie sequel, especially a movie sequel to something that was fucking terrible. Good job, Marvel.

Of course DC needs to do the same thing.

But you know, I really, really love comic book movies. Even ones that aren't faithful to the comic book--pause: Not X-Men. X-Men was terrible, screw the continuity and all that, it was just bad all by its own self.

I liked Superman Returns. No--I loved it. I thought it was true to the characters while creating a completely different universe for Superman. Something differing from the comic books and honestly? That's what I want to see. Characters that are the characters we know and love from the books put in different universes so we're not just watching a story we've all already read. I don't really want to pay $40 bucks for two in a theater for a comic I have at home.

Drawing inspirations from comics is one thing--The Dark Knight writers and actors have pulled from plenty of the Batman classics--but just repeating a story? I don't care. I want the origin stories to mirror, of course--because that's the character--but I don't actually want to rewatch Infinite Crisis. Though . . . it would be pretty cool. I liked the Superbaby--blasphemer, I know!--and I also like things that are different.

I mean . . . shit, we're reading eighty different titles and Wolverine is in seventy-eight of them. How worried about continuity can fanboys really be? Or is it just one more thing to pick at because face it, ninety percent of fanboys just want something to complain about.

I think the powers of continuity bitching (+20 with the Helmet of History) just come from all that sex they're not getting.

So, if DC hops aboard the movie linking train, what are the movies you want to see hitting the theaters? A few of the obvious ones: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash. But what else?



Elwood said...

Vertigo..."Y" already has movie plans. "Fables" would be cool; "WE3" might make a good CG pic.

Doctor Smoke said...

Two words:



Two other words:



Kirk Warren said...

I don't consider Vertigo books to be DC books. Yes, they own Vertigo, but people see Y or Sandman or Watchmen and they don't think DC. They think Vertigo. People that don't read comics and hear DC think Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman that guy that runs fast, the dude with the ring and that guy that talks to fishes.

Regarding Superman Returns, I found that to be just rehashing the Donner films with a new character. When the high point of the film is Superman vs. a giant rock, you know there's something wrong. His other major feats over the 2 hour+ movie include catching an airplane, playing voyeur and watching his ex, flying (ooohhh), and getting beat up by Lex Luthor.

I had no problem with the casting, but when the director is more worried about paying homage to the Donner films than telling a new and entertaining story, it's not hard to see why the film did as badly, relative to the amount of time and money spent on the property, as it did.

However, I'm pleased to see DC (well, I guess their parent company) finally realizing that, hey, people like comic book movies and might want to watch some with DC characters in it.

They'd be hard pressed to do another Superman, though. I'd love to see them adapt Doomsday to film, but it would end up like the recent cartoon film that lacks any impact to his death and felt rushed (although the animated film was still great) and it would just mirror the "Superman dying" at the end of Returns.

Scratch out Green Lantern, too, since Hollywood has given up trying to do anything new with sci-fi themed films.

Shazam vs Black Adam could make for a great film, but might give people the "knock off Superman" feel (yes, I know Captain Marvel outsold Superman by like a bajillion to one back in the 30's and was way more popular, but no one really knows who he is today outside of comics). Add the kid alter ego and it becomes a family film that would probably be successful, but not what comic fans wanted.

I think Wonder Woman is about the only property that could be successfully harnassed right now outside of some minor ones that oculd fill the Ghost Rider and Punisher "cheap to develop / easy to profit" category, like a Green Arrow or Flash movie (these wouldn't be big ticket $100-200 million budget films is what I mean, could still rock).

Oh, and one last thing ont he continuity. I don't mind it lacking when the story is good, but when they market something to me and build events and stories on events, I'd like some consistency.

Take Countdown and Final Crisis. Couple $100 down to the tubes ona shitty story that was counting down to Final Crisis and has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Another thing is like in Batman RIP and Morrison's run in general with Jezebel Jet. She's shown up in maybe 6 panels total over 2 years and knowns Batman's identity, is his one true lvoe and is a part of his life. Then, over in Detective, he's flirting with Zatanna and now Catwoman. It's just bad editing and when you market these products together, you should at least expect some consistency.

Comics are sold to people and marketed with the intent of a cohesive whole. If I'm reading a story about Captain america refusing to kill people regardless of their crimes because he believes in the justice system and his country, then I don't want to read a book the next month where he kills the villain without any remorse.

However, if Spider-Woman shows up in one book, but New Avengers says she was on another planet at the time, I don't care about the continuity gauff for her being in two places at once.

Continuity is important and people shouldn't be ridiculed for wanting their stories to make sesne, but some of the more anal retentive fans harping on things like "omg, he said he likes pancakes more than french toast when it clearly says in the annual #13 that he hates pancakes" is just retarded.

technogreek said...

I always thought you could have fun with Lobo, sort of a Punisher In Space.

My brain isn't functioning too much yet, I'll try to think of others...

Dr. Zoltar said...

I'm biased, but I would love a to see:

Starman (the Jack Knight version)
JLA (from the Morrison years)
Green Lantern (either Hal or Kyle)

And I gotta say I feel exactly the opposite on the two films you listed Girl Friday. I loved all three X-Men but thought Superman Returns had a horrible idea for a script. So many good ideas and they went with a kid and Lex again.

John said...

People who don't read comics and hear "DC" think of "Washington". Geekier ones might think "Direct Current". ;-)

Wicked Juan said...

Damn it! Dr. Smoke beat me to Ambush Bug!

Other properties I'd like to see:
- Batman (duh)
- Flash (Wally West) vs. Rogues
- Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
- Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Booster Gold
- The Creeper
- The Question (Vic Sage)

I would say Green Arrow, but you know the Hawkeye movie would be so much better. And funnier.

Arkonbey said...

I'd like to see Hollywood do a completely original super-hero film.

Ah, who am I fooling.

I'd go to a Captain Britain film. or an Excalibur film if only to see a swashbuckling, happy-go-lucky Nightcrawler on the screen.

How's bout a SpiderHam flick?

themaimedman said...

DC and continuity are not the best of friends, but we've talked anout that... a lot. However what's really important is if the story is interesting, for example, Action Comics, ignoring continuity issues is allowing me to enjoy that very much, same with the Superman Returns movie.

I want a Booster Gold movie, awesome and funny, plus time travel! Then they could spin it off into my "Blue and Gold" TV show idea. Too bad Don Johnson and John Schnieder are too old for the roles now though... unless... old Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! C'mon, yeah?

Green Arrow/Green Lantern movie w/ a subplot about speedy's heroin addiction! Now that is drama and art and such... also will never happen... alas.

Huntress: Year One makes me want a Huntress movie, I mean she loves Jesus and killing people, what more could you want.

My powers of continuity bitching are minor and likely derived from the teeny part of my brain that demands logic. (Still persiting despite the inane, insane, and genrally illogical thoughts that float around in there, I will defeat you yet pesky logic).

Whew that is a long-ass coment... and Kirk Warren's is still longer... showy Canadians.

John said...

It disappoints me that there is no hew and cry for a Brother Power the Geek movie. C'mon guys!

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Ok so stoopid ideas from the house of OB:

Huntress (as per themaimedman's suggestion) would be excellent. She could have some guest bat characters in her first or second movie and make it interesting with her origin plot.

(Totally not DC)Strangers In Paradise: The Animated Series. Now maybe Terry Moore won't agree with I think it would be amazing with his firm hand on the directional sails.

Legion of Superheroes: I mean c'mon! There is so much material here any studio would have their pick of teams and characters to make it stellar.

Nightwing: The solo adventures. Dumb? I think not.

Martian Manhunter: He has huge poential for a stellar first movie with tie in future for a Justice League America feature. Marvel isn't the only place to find such tie in's.....

My dark horse pick? Batgirl: Seriously. If they wanted a fantastic origin and tie in potential (please, we all need to forget Alicia Silverstone much like we forget Highlander 2: The embarrassment) she's it.

Doctor Smoke said...

@ Juan : muahahahahahaha!

(psst! little do they know, folks, that I've never even actually read any Ambush Bug stories!)

I say again:


Evie said...

Oh, crap, a Lobo movie would be great. Except he absolutely could not get redeemed at the end, and he would, so nevermind.

Other than that, I'd totally be down with Green Lantern (as long as it had J.S.), Wonder Woman obvs., and yeah, Booster effing Gold.

I do have to disagree with you on Superman Returns--it was kind of like "let's take the most boring, personality-less version of Superman and do it more". But more than that, the movie wasn't fun--it was interesting, but not fun, and that's kind of my number-one criterion for the superhero movie.