Oh Thank God It's Cloudy or: I Complain No Matter What

Upon seeing the clouds this morning, I sobbed openly in relief. I swear I will not complain about cold weather until . . . January.

It's as if Mother Earth decided to punish all of our 'Oh my GOD, when will winter STOP?!' complaints with a brutal, three-day heat that had more than a few of us holing up in the basement WWII-style (or apocalypse style, whichever) or mourning over our melting action figures.

Temperatures rocketing from sixty degrees to ninety practically overnight does not a happy PNW make.

On the bright side, all my PNWs, at least we're not Californians!*

Seriously. Does anyone else suspect that Mother Earth is desperately trying to give them a blatant sign to abandon the state? Pssst, take the hint.**

* Please don't send your governor to beat up our governor.
** Geeked does not condone nor encourage the destruction of California.


Elwood said...

Just goes to show...every silver lining has a dark cloud. I'm a happy Elwood today.

Girl Friday said...

Me too--and I love your new icon.

Evie said...

Speaking of California, I grew up in San Diego so I complain no matter what sixteen times over. My whole childhood I never felt weather outside of the 59-79 degree range, and I hate either end even of that.

Kyle said...

Yes...I second that. I'm a heat wuss too, and yes Elwood your new logo rules!

John said...

Is that a Fox news link? I'm afraid to touch it, as it might blame all of the Cali wildfires on Dianne Feinstein's hot flashes or something.