Riding The Fail Whale and a Happy Birthday

All aboard!

Or maybe just me.

The fail whale helped me accomplish no previews or reviews, thanks to not actually reading them, thanks to missing work, thanks to feeling spectacularly terrible. The next stop on the fail whale's trip was the most terrible of all, in which I miss out on seeing an IMAX preview of The Dark Knight.

No, no, you didn't read that wrong.

Someone behaved like a mature adult who was likely to pa
ss out on their long drive home at midnight and opted to not take the long drive home at midnight in favor of going home and dying in bed.

Someone hates herself.

The fail whale has also accompanied me around the hous
e, in where laundry is staring at me to get folded and I still haven't gone through the kids winter clothes and boxed them up for donation. And a ton of other things around here. La la la.

The fail whale is also getting the comic strip I'm supposed to be scanning and leveling out to post it up here. La la. It doesn't actually matter, I was going to load it up
and have it post on Monday anyways. I'm not technically late.

The fail whale hasn't gotten my writing, at least, which I've been enjoying and has also missed Dr. Horrible, which I've also been enjoying. More on the good Doctor later, after I rewatch episodes one and two a few hundred times. The fail whale will just eat anything I write anyways and turn it into unclever TRIPE.

The fail whale has utterly missed the awesome Quiana, as it is her birthday and all fail whales should ignore birthday girls. Especially birthday girls as fierce as her. So happy birthday, you, and have a great day. Beware the ever jealous Bark Bark Lady and her crew.

They're singing Happy Birthday to you. You just can't hear it.

Next Monday I'm back on track with everything, until then, the fail whale and I are on a highway to hell.


Evie said...

Oh noes! Feel better! This time next week, you'll be burning up the range with the golfin' dolphin.

themaimedman said...

You need an obsesed whale hunter like in that book... you no the one... with the whale and stuff, also make with the feeling better, not wellness sucks.

And as for Doc H time to rewatch it again.

Darth McQuinn said...

Just wanted to let the fail whale know how completely and totally AWESOME "The Dark Knight" was in IMAX. However, if Friday is reading this, it was just meh.

qtilla said...

They call me Queequeg. No, seriously, they do. So, if you need any harpooning, I could probably hook (pun intended) you up.

Ignore the Fail Whale. Missing my official Birthday Palooza Dinner #1 (tm) just makes you eligible for Birthday Palooza Dinner #2 (tm) which comes with cake! I love cake!

Elwood said...

I would totally go see Dark Knight at IMAX again, if you were to want to fix your error in judgment.

Girl Friday said...

@E: I am firmly on the golfin' dolphin. Who, incidentally, is gay and sex for pleasure. It will be a good week. (as soon as we find another boy dolphin)

M: Ahaha--yes, Dr Horrible will make it all better. Thank you.

D: . . . . . . ::kills self::

Q: Party 2? With cake? What a coincidence! I love cake too!! Am very pleased to be eligible.

E: Maybe this upcoming weekend we can all arrange an event 2.0?

Elwood said...

Actually, Steph and I have tickets to the 1pm IMAX on Sunday the 27th. Be there or be square. I'll e-mail you.