Flash: Rebirth and Other Things

Goddamn, look at that art! To me, Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver make one of the best comic book teams out there. I consistently love their work seperately and together, it's even better. They must totally feed off each other. CBR has a great Spotlight article on Van Sciver, which you should go read here. I really admire and appreciate the way he approaches comics and how he feels about them--probably a really cool guy to grab food with.

I'm so excited about this title and all you disbelievers can go eat bugs.

That's right. Bugs.

He's four feet tall. Leather-clad. A wee little puppet man, if you will. And? His nose comes off. In the absolute coolest thing I've seen in months, in December, Angel The 1:1 Replica Puppet will hit the shelves for a mere $325.00.

I'm going to be putting out a tip jar with a picture of the advertisement from Previews on it.

Hot damn, look at that handsome little puppet face.

And? And? You can put your hand inside him.

No. Not there.

/cheap jokes.

CBR has another great article with three of my faves, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba and Becky Cloonan. Good read, I was really excited about all their Eisner wins this time around.


Mike Miller said...

While I don't agree with the whole lets keep bringing people back from the dead ad nauseum theory, I will be getting this because it is sure to be excellent based on the creative team alone.

I think enough cheap jokes were made about the puppet earlier today, so good luck on "PUPPET QUEST 2008!"

Now that sounds fucking epic.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

*sound of crunchy bugs being consumed, grudgingly*

I just don't want Barry Allen brought back. Too many resurrections lately and it just seems like a surge without consideration for the noble death.

That said, they do have a bang up creative team working the angle. It might actually work out, who knows. And the artwork...powerful.