I Wrote Stuff

Kirk Warren over at The Weekly Crisis asked me to write an article for a guest blog spot over at his awesome site (God knows why, really) about why I buy the comics I buy. Which was a lot of fun to do and I'm immensely flattered to have been asked, considering the other guys that were asked to do it as well. Very nice and I enjoyed getting a chance to sit at that lunch table.

I'd be totally okay if you went and checked out my Why Do I Buy Certain Comic Books article at his site and while you're doing that, you should read Greg Hatcher and Lee Newman's answers to why they buy the comics they buy. Naturally, they're both really excellent and interesting. Tomorrow and Friday has more guest blogger articles too, so be sure to check back there for them.

Awesome awesomeness.

Now to go read through all the comments on that Supergirl post (ps JG Jones: I'm so disappointed. Also: It's her looking 'contemplative'? I didn't think anything could make that worse for me, but that so, so did. Jesus on a pogo stick.)


Ferretnick said...

Very nice!
I can see why it would be a hard question to answer once you really start thinking about it.

I found myself trying to come up with an answer when I saw the question and read your response, and you know what?
I'm just a dirty comic whore.

Elwood said...

AW...our little GirlFriday's growin' up. :)

I wouldn't know how to answer that in a short blog post either. I read for the writing mostly, but am unwilling to drop books mid-run, because I'm anal like that.

Besides, Brian or Friday's kids might not eat if I don't buy as many books as I do.