A Note

Pausing from writing reviews to pose a question:

I can't be the only one in my teeny blogosphereverse that isn't really enamoured of Heroes, right?


I mean . . . it's alright and whatever, but I'm not completely blown away by it (I find it intensely predictable). Also: same opinion of Lost. Actually, no, I like Lost a lot less (except Sawyer. Who is Mr. McDelicious with a side of Rawr).


Kirk Warren said...

I loved the first season, but it's really run it's course and the writer's strike just killed any interest I had in the series. I was never much of a TV person and, aside from House, Heroes was the only thing I ever tuned in to watch. Season 2 didn't do anything for me and barely found the energy to watch it. I suspect this will be the last season for them.

themaimedman said...

I just got back =D and yeah same thing on heroes. I kinda like Lost though although I can see how people could get tired of it... I think I'm just too invested to give up on it... kind of like certain comics I read(Secret Invasion) I've spent too much time not to like it damn it.

Wicked Juan said...

I'm with you on the Heroes thing. It started out good (not great) in the first season, but I lost interest midway through. And then I had to endure a lot of badgering and whining from my friends to finish watching it. Which I did. And it still was "meh."

I still really enjoy Lost though. Season 3 wasn't so great, but Season 4 more than made up for it with some awesome stories and arcs. It's still plenty entertaining.

Bonus: Lost also has the hottest women on TV. (I only mentioned it because you pulled the Sawyer card).

Bonus Bonus: The current season of Battlestar Galactica didn't hook me, but I am glad to see they landed on the Planet of the Apes world. That'll make it more interesting when the series resumes.

Elwood said...

I'm with everyone so far on Heroes. They tried to fill instead of just tell an awesome story. I'll keep watching till the end, and I suspect that viewed in the future as a DVD marathon Heroes will probably come together better.

Lost rocks the hizzie, no matter what. There have been some questionable episodes, but now that they've determined and end date they have something to work for, and this past season proved it.

Oh, and Juan...I concur on the Hot Women side. Warning you now though - I got dibs on Sun. She's so hot it makes my teeth sweat.

Doctor Smoke said...

I had only one major gripe with Heroes.

Why in the name of Lucifer's shiny underpants, didn't they all use codenames like Sylar!

I loved the fact that Sylar took his name from his wristwatch!
I wanted to do the same, but 'Swatch' didn't sound all that threatening.

qtilla said...

I had so little interest in Heroes that I only watched it so that my coworkers would get off of my back. "But Quiana, you love comics." Whatever, I never even finished the first season.

As for Lost, I love/hate it. But I think that choosing to watch it on DVD instead of waiting from episode to episode was a great decision. I may get mad and throw things at the tv when I watch it, but I always come back for more.

Aaron said...

I watched about two-thirds of the first season, but missed the season finale and realized I didn't really care.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Isn't it odd how few comic lovers actually enjoyed this series? I don't watch a lot of t.v. myself and I just couldn't get hooked on Heroes. The thing for me was, they spent to much time frakking around with the characters in a disjointed fashion, not really bringing the story together cohesively. They had a great character in Hiro and his storyline just sort of dribbled along until it wasn't all that interesting.

Lost I like very much, but I have to admit if I miss a few eps I forget it's out there. I need to catch up before giving a season 4 review. Desmond is the best character on this series imho.

Battlestar is still my absolute favorite show on the telly. Stellar storyarcs, great cast and convincing drama have me hooked. And I have to say, Baltar had the absolute best line in the series.

'No more Mr.Nice Gaius!'


Anonymous said...

I haven't actually seen it. People keep telling me too, but the descriptions I'm getting, make it sound like not my thing.

Girl Friday said...

@Kirk: God, did the writer's strike just not help my affection for the show. I don't actually have cable, so I buy DVD sets or watch from the sites online, so I find myself just getting increasingly picky (like I really needed it).

I remember being impressed that they had a five season arc all set out and weren't (supposedly) going to go beyond that, but I think that it doing well for season (two? three) will have less to do with the show and more to do with the press they'll try gather up before the second half of season two airs. Or the big third season, whichever.

@MM: I got invested, then dropped TV like a bad habit and stopped missing it once I got out of my detox stage. But we talked all about this Thurs! :)

@WJ: Dude, let me just say: I goddamn hate Nicky. I was so excited to see a super-strength female character and then, oh, hey! She's damaged! She's a danger to herself! To others! Holy Sexist Batcrack!

That's where it lost me.

Ahahaha, I figured I'd open up the Sawyer door. It does have pretty people who look a wee bit more natural than others do.

I called it being Locke at the season 3 finale and called a bunch of other things as well and just haven't been wowed by it.

@E: I'd borrow someone else's DVD collection of it, one of my friends is pretty into it.

As for Lost, I don't know--maybe I need to apply the episode marathon when all's said and done. You can have Sun. Tell the world we said so!

@DS (aka Swatch): That's hilarious--and I wonder if maybe at some point they will. Sylar is my favorite character (go figure).

@Q: Maybe I'll marathon it--I get irritated with the show, because it moves too slow or I think it's being too predictable or Jack exists and then ignore it and inevitably go back for more on a day where I've nothing to do. (Lie: I go back for more when I feel like I need to punish myself.)

@Aaron: Yeah, I dropped it after Nicky and then had to watch the rest and season two because my husband love/hates it. Goddamn Nicky.

@OB: It is! And really, really reassuring. Seriously. Reassuring. I feel better about me. ;)

Battlestar is awesome. But I'm gonna have to enter Doctor Who into the ring as the hizzie show.

THUNDERDOME! (insert dramatic voice echo)

@N: You're back! Hi. (read: I need to put your LJ on my feed thing on this page because I suck). If you can borrow a season one, go for it and see what you think, but I think the Nicky character will drive you as batshit as she drove me and force you into massive irritation.

Evie said...

I haven't watched either of them, and it's kind of too late to try now, so, like, whatever.

Arkonbey said...

I know this is really late, but I have to add my voice to the choir: I found Heroes abysmal. It was unbearably slow and The 'deep and complex character development' would have given Chris Claremeont fits. The whole first season could have been covered in a mini-series. What is it with TV these days and the excessive padding?

It was definitely written by someone who was told about comic books once.

Oh, and the 'comic art' was terrible.