Books That Look Good (or not)

Oh look, I'm getting this done on a Monday. How effective of me. Okay, it's Monday night, but still.

Quick note: There were definitely two books that should've been on the Please To Do Not Miss list last week. So check and see if they're still in your store: Charlatan Ball #2 and Sky Doll #3.

Onto this week!


Invincible #51: Kicking off the next fifty issues-there's a new sidekick, new slamming costume and an excellent hopping on point for readers that have been wanting to read this series. Pick up the trades, definitely, but hop on the train at this stop.

Image Monster Pile-Up #1,
which are m
ini-primers for various monster series' they have out right now--Astounding Wolf-Man, Firebreather, Proof and Perhapanauts. For $1.99, I think this is a must-grab to check out some books you'll probably end up adding to your pick up lists.

Comic Book Tattoo
is . . .
something like an anthology built around Tori Amos, where a bunch of the awesome people in the business each write stories inspired by a song of hers, in such a huge variety of genres that it's impossible not to find a story you'll love. Or fifty stories. $50.00 for the hardcover is no joke (the softcover version is $29.99 as well as a limited edition, signed and numbered for $149.99--anyone feel like going broke for an early birthday present for me?), but this'll be well worth it--if you work it out, it's less than a buck a story! Rationalizing for the win. The contributor list is super too, CBR did a great story on this here, where you can get some sneak peeks at a few pages and read more about how much work and crazy talent went into it. Grab it!

Nocturnals: Carnival Of Beasts is out too and I love the Nocturnals. Love. Love. Love. Love so hard and this is going to be 64 pages of awesome. The art here is phenomenal--very easily one of my top ten favorites and the characters are fascinating and fun and the writing is always just great. I can't say enough good things about this--pick this up. So good! A one shot (unfortunately for me), with three stories--"Beasts" that follows Doc Horror (who is my imaginary comic book boyfriend, just so you know), "The Scrimshaw Crown" featuring Starfish, the amphibian girl and "Candy Butchers" with Halloween Girl, Gunwitch (I want a Gunwitch doll. I want a Gunwitch doll SO BAD) and Polychrome.

Listen, if you ever find yourselves with forty bucks to spare, you very desperately need to pick up the hardcover that collects all of Nocturnals. You won't be disappointed.


Ambush Bug: Year None #1 is one book you shouldn't, by any means or for any reason, miss out on. I'm really looking forward to it--DC has a preview you can download in PDF, so you may assure yourself of the awesomeness before dropping cash on it.

Ambush Bug! The answer to my woes.

Batman: Gotham After Midnight #3 is out, which means it probably isn't too late
to grab the first two issues of this series--which has been awesome.

Green Lantern Corps #26 concluding the 'Ring Quest' arc in a fight with Mongul and Mother (May I) Mercy.

The Joker's Asylum: Scarecrow: has been, over all, really fucking great. The peak for me was definitely the Penguin story, which I actually can't stop muscling people into reading, and the latest Poison Ivy one was decent. Man, that Penguin one is a hard one to follow, though. Yum.

Robin #175 is out too and the first issue for a R.I.P. tie-in that may or may not actually be a tie-in. I'm going to assume that it's a real one, and not a faux to snag your wallet, what with how Robin is totally on the run from crazies in Batman R.I.P. But who knows! Aside from us, on Wednesday.


Angel: Revelations #3: Last month I joked, but this week I'm sincere in my belief I'm the only person I know reading this. Clearly appreciation for snotty rich boys isn't high in my neck of the woods.

Avengers: The Initiative #15: This has easily been one of my favorite Marvel titles. Goodness all over the place. And awesome goggles.

Skrulls #1: . . . look at that cover! I couldn't resist slapping it up here. Awesomeness. I am completely tempted to print this out and tape it up to the mirrors in my bathrooms, just to scare the fuck out of my roomie and husband sometime this week. Wouldn't that be hilarious? For me?

Again my curiosity calls for this and am hoping it isn't just a restatement of everything we already know--the synopsis said 'original material' dammit, I want a good amount and not just one page while the rest is filled with old Skrull crap. This could be a really spectacular tie-in. Or it could just be annoying. We'll see.

Uncanny X-Men #500: Duh. Brubaker and Fraction? Awesome. How could I not? How can anyone not? Even if I don't pick up any other Uncanny's after this, I'll grab this to check out the hype. And hey, all those variants. Marvel never does that . . .

Any you think I missed?

Also: new icon is courtesy of my roommate, who decided I should at least have a color one. And yes, that tends to be my default expression.


themaimedman said...

You know damn well I read Angel: Revalations too ;)

See ya on wednesday =D

Kyle said...

Cool new icon...looking forward to new comic strips!

Wicked Juan said...

I hate to break it to you, but Ambush Bug is the cure to ALL woes, not just yours.

Why? Because he's Ambush Bug.

Girl Friday said...

M: That's right! Now there's two. See you tm!

K: The icon is totally adorable--I'm being a shlub on the comic, so I'll finish photo shopping it together tonight. I love getting Rin to draw things for me.

J: That is an excellent point. I've been so selfish!

Kirk Warren said...

Wasn't planning on even looking at Ambush Bug, but I'll have to take a flip through at teh shop after hearing the praise sung here.

I'm actually really curious about Tori Amos' new book, but it's just way too expensive and off the beaten path to invest in at the moment.

As for Initiative, da goggles, they do nothing!

Girl Friday said...

@K: Ambush Bug is a frolicking good time waiting to happen. Or it damn well better be.

I'm really, really curious about the book--I'll let you know how it turns out. If I wasn't as in love with the anthologies, I'd wait too. Speaking of awesome anthologies--have you ever flipped through any of the Flight volumes? I recommend them, definitely.

Evie said...

I also read Angel: Revelations! He's so very skinny, but still cute.

Also, see my latest post re: Uncanny X-Men #500. Oh my lands.