I Love Teenagers (No. Really)

Maybe I'm a terrible, terrible person and a huge, huge bitch, but I think this story is one of the funniest goddamn things I've ever read.

I am actually still laughing.

That smart-ass. <333


themaimedman said...

*snicker* Ok that's funny.

Wait does this mean I'm a terrible person and a huge bitch?

Doctor Smoke said...

that guy is a criminal mastermind.

he should've laced some donuts though.

technogreek said...

My favorite part was the karate chop.

Arkonbey said...

If that was a film, it'd be a trite and hackneyed convention, yet it is real life.


Elwood said...

During our career as Toilet Paper Vandals for Hire back in the day, "Jake" and I often dreamed of TP'ing a cop car while it was parked in front of the station and getting away with it.

I see now that we were setting the bar too low.

Elwood said...
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Evie said...

I was sniggering along, until I got to "karate chop" and audibly snorted. I like this kid's sass.

Girl Friday said...

@T: Totally! I wonder if he was drunk/stoned enough to go, "Hiyah". I hope.

@A: It just goes to show you can't make this shit up.

@E: Far too low. LSD cookies are the way to go. /cheerleader.

@Evie: I totally like his sass. I want to hire his sass to follow me around.