Stir Crazy

Stop complaining, Dick and let Batman be Fabulous.

It's official: I'm going completely stir-crazy without a car. I have no car. Noooo car. None. No driving for me. No freedom of the open road. No road rage.


Instead of sulking, I am going to do several things this week, and to keep myself honest, I'll post my list.

  • finish up those three sample articles for freelance submission portfolio
  • firm up proposal and those eight sample pages and email them to artist in potentia
  • pad resume. like woah.
  • betray The Stop and hit LCS tonight
  • work on that Stephanie Meyer Analysis
  • write 15,000 words in that story you've been ignoring in favor of Twitter
So there. Keep me honest, internets.


Evie said...

I don't mean to be presumptuous with the unsolicited advice, but if the freelance portfolio of which you speak is for magazine articles and the like, it may not be completely necessary. Many editors will pay more attention to your finely-crafted query with a good idea for a new story than to past work. It's good to have the clips to send as samples, but you can also prove your chops in your pitch. Fresh ideas that you will write to a publication's specs tend to work much better than "here is my lovely writing, give me something to write about." And if your portfolio is for something else entirely, please ignore the above.

Kristina Wright said...

@E: By all means, presume--especially if it ends up giving me some great advice. I'm all about it, seriously.

Well-crafted pitches are much easier to do (well, once the story idea is there), so I really appreciate the advice.

(I'm flashing to the 'give me something to sing about' line from Buffy which is entirely unproductive in my brain.)

Thanks again--never worry about unsolicited whatevers, if I put it up on my blog, I'm totally up to talking about it.

Brian Meredith said...

Your betrayal cuts me to the quick, my dear. I shall be releasing my Canadian Ninja Death Squad to enact my vengeance...

Either that, or I'll cry in the corner...

John said...

Don't listen to him. He's already replaced you. That bastard.

Brian Meredith said...

That's it, John... Canadian Death Ninjas are coming your way.

That'll learn ya to narc me out...

Dr. Zoltar said...

You can always hang out with Mrs. Zoltar and me. We're, what? 5 minutes from your house. In fact, we're kicking ourselves for forgetting that you don't have a car and could have used a lift to Q's b-day party.