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You all may have noticed my suspicious lack of presence in The Stop (and maybe moreso online), The Stop's lack of Friday will be status quo until Bug's schedule settles in and everything smooths back out again here, but never fear, I'm back up and running online as of this morning after a really nice impromptu vacation at Whidbey Island. Bossman has apparently rapidly replaced me with another assistant, who may or may not be me in disguise (ignore how she is far too petite and how there's now way I can Slaveen myself into her skin). You all should be very nice to her, because she's awesome.

But if you love her too much, I'll have to hunt each and every one of you down and make you suffer. Just a note.

Moving on!

Angel: After The Fall #12: Well. Gunn certainly is in it, isn't he? This book marks the year-ish anniversary of this book and sometimes I've found myself sliding into the "Why can't I quit you" cliche. The plot's been really slow going--there was a lot of explanation and ground to be made up thanks to us starting with Angel and the Scattered Crew straight in LA. The art's been difficult to maneuver. The character voices are on, though, and they've been on throughout the whole thing.

I think Brian Lynch has to spend a lot of time condensing and slimming the plot a bit and direct the focus of the book a bit better from issue to issue to make just a little more actually happen in each book. After twelve issues, I really don't feel like anything huge has happened except the reveal that Gunn is a vampire, Angel is human (both of which were really early on in the series) and them finally meeting up in the last issue. I know there was that big Lord of the District battle (Waaaaaarriors, come out to plaaaaaaay) but I really didn't give a damn about what the outcome was, other than us finding out about Angel.

Another problem I'm having, and possibly the biggest reason this story is having a hard time sticking in my memory, is that the art is just that off-putting for me. Blast.

Recommendation: All that said, I'm still grabbing it. I love my Dark, Broody Forehead Man. And I'm still saving up for that Puppet. Don't think I've forgotten.

Buffy #18: Fray! Fraaaay. Fray. Fray. Fray. Hey, it's Fray guys. Fray and all her awesome awesomeness! Fray whose hair is completely wicked. Fray. I wish the title was Fray the Vampire Slayer. Even just temporarily for this storyline.

Oh, and that blonde chick what's-her-face. Oh, and that horse girl thing with the completely-obvious-but-still-funny-neigh-neigh-jokes.

Fraaaaaaaay. (Fray).

I'm really pleased Joss is involving Fray, for more than just how wicked much I love Fray. He's addressing the, 'uh, I thought Buffy empowered all potential slayers everywhere and solved the Final Evil Crisis, what the shit is this Fray comic saying about that?' issue. Can I get a yay?

What's that? 'Fray'?

Recommendation: Fray.

Detective Comics #848: This cover is really slick. Totally not a R.I.P. tie-in, but it's Dini, man, so who cares? The story steams up as Hush's master plan leads Batman to save a child from Scarecrow.

I'm really enjoying this--it's Hush, who is fantastic, and it's story development about Hush, which is also fantastic.

Go Team Detective Comics!

Recommendation: On it! Go!

Secret Six #1: Oh, happy goddamn day, it's almost here! I shouldn't even have to pimp this, what the hell people, you're unconvinced? Villains being awesome? Nicola Scott! Gail Simone! Original Simone Character! WHEE. That 'whee' is not sardonic at all, as are almost all my other ones. If you're unconvinced, check out the preview that Newsarama has up. Be convinced and snag it.

DC's solit reads: Because you demanded it! The Secret Six are back in an all-new ongoing series that promises to deliver some of the darkest, most twisted action-adventure the DC Universe has seen since...well, the last time the Secret Six got together! Writer extraordinaire Gail Simone (BIRDS OF PREY) is reunited with BIRDS penciller Nicola Scott to chronicle the adventures of the Six, and you will not believe what they have in store. Join Catman, Scandal, Deadshot, Ragdoll, and ?? as they prepare for an adventure that will take them through a gauntlet across the seediest parts of the DC Universe, and will ultimately pit them against a foe more monstrous and murderous than any they've had to face!

Recommendation: Snaaaaag it, dammit, how is this not totally fantastic? Well, it IS.

Also up this week, but doesn't get a semi-paragraph due to School Starting and House Invasion:

Green Lantern #34: Woot. Seriously, woot. I think I could claw myself out of my skin in anticipation of actually getting to the Great Big Storyline We All Want.

Dynamo 5 #16: My favorite teenaged super-team, hands down. Suck it, McKeever, and thanks for ruining the Teen Titans! /bitter.

Noble Causes #36:
I'm also still kind of bitter over the self-cancellation of Noble Causes. I love that Jay Faerber knows when what he's writing doesn't have the same heart it used to, but dammit, I wish it had the same heart it used to. I'm going to miss these guys when they're gone, like woah.

Fringe #1: I heard that the premiere episode wasn't that great, and I'm pretty iffy about non-Whedon comic books that tie into television shows, but that Chuck one wasn't too terrible. I'll give this a decent flip-through and see.

Manhunter #34: It's Manhunter. 'Nuff said.

Nightwing #148: How did this not warrant a full picture? Well, it's a 'R.I.P.' tie-in, and while the issue was good, I was annoyed by the lack of actual tie-in. Isn't Nightwing in an asylum somewheres? Lord. Tomasi, though, yay.

Tank Girl Visions of Booga #4:
Tank Girl is so bad ass. I loves me some Tank Girl.

Titans #4: This is clearly an 'or not'. I've restrained mentioning it for like, an issue, so let me take this time again to remind you all what utter crap it is. Someone, tweet when the hell zone for all things Titans is over.

Things That Warrant a Geeked Special Mention:

I Kill Giants #2 is out today, of which you should most definitely be grabbing for yourselves. You'll all be sorry if you don't. 'Nuff said.

Grok Issue #2: Secret Origins
from my friends over at Alert Nerd hit the virtual shelves today as well. This is a really well put together geek webzine that's still in its infancy. Not that you can actually tell it's in its infancy, thanks to a few overachievers who do what they love to do and do it damned well. With articles such as I Was a Teenage Letterhack and The Facebook Newsfeed for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, as well as others exploring the whys and hows of their geeky origins, finding the extraordinary in the everyday and a tale that involves Star Power and Issues 10-14, you won't find a miss.

Issue 1 can be found here. Give both a read and then head over to to give these guys some props. (the kids still give those, yes? Shut it, Webster, they do NOW.)


Yeah. That's right. Suck it, haters.

You may all look forward to a Very Special Geeked 90210 Post.

Starting . . . now.


Matt said...

oh thank you SO MUCH for the Grok pluggage! You ROCK.

I wish I could share your 90210 love. I watch One Tree Hill sometimes with my wife. (Okay, I make fun of it while she watches it.) Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I'm counting down the seconds to your 90210 post! Wow, looking at the pic, I realize that I really miss the Kelly Taylor-approved gigantic blazer/miniskirt combo of yesteryear.

And thank you for the Grok link! Much appreciated, glad you liked it :)

You are so Fray, Kristina.

Mike Miller said...

Wow, a ton of comics... and they are GOOD ones, yay! (still a bunch of stuff including certain marvel titles having to do with a certain invasion we know too god damn much about, are still clogging up my box until I get money to waste on them) but tomorrow's stuff, BIG YAY! and just for you, FRAY!

I will investigate this Grok and report my findings...

90210 huh... I'll just go ahead and add that to the list of things I don't judge you for because your such a good friend. Just remember my not judging you when you're thinking about making fun of me for liking Smallville...

And as for Bug: Good Luck In School!

And as for you: Good Luck with the dealing with Bug going to school!

See... Luck... headed your way.

Elwood said...

So does this mean that you're having a full-fledged affair with Comic Book Inc. now?

Kristina Wright said...

@Matt: You're totally welcome, thanks for being part of Grok.

Well, I've made fun of One Tree Hill too, so it DOES count, but in an entirely different arena. . . . what about Knight Rider?

@Sarah: The blazer and miniskirts were gold. As was all that hair.

You're totally welcome!

I wish I WAS Fray. Maybe I need to go find my Evil Twin.

@Mike: Smallville blows. ;) Thursday was an awesome comics day and I think next week is supposed to be too.

@Elwood: Who? I have no idea what this 'Comic Book Inc' you speak of even IS.