Kirby Krackle Debuts!!

So, I've been really excited about this project from the moment my very awesome and very talented friends, Jim Demonakos and Kyle Stevens told me about it. I've been waiting very, very patiently for it to launch so I can pimp it out like nobody's business.

And lucky for my exploding patience, Kirby Krackle has gone live with their debut song, One Of The Guys. They're calling it Geek Rock and I'm in love with not just the fantastic songs they're putting out--lucky me, I've gotten to hear a few of the ones that aren't finished yet, and let me tell you, they just keep getting better and better--but as well the entire concept of Geek Rock and having music that isn't just rock-worthy, but totally serves to the geek crowd.

Built off their mutual long-lasting love for comic books and music, Kirby Krackle is going to put Geek Rock on the map. When Kyle and Jim combine their insane talents, we end up completely lucking out--these lyrics are so solid, so geek chic I can't get over it, with music that takes it right to the next level and makes Kirby Krackle more than just a novelty listen, but something you're going to want to put on your iPod and hear throughout the day.

Kyle puts the history of how this awesomeness came to be on his blog, so I'll just excerpt from his blog:

Fast forward to Winter of 2008 when COMIC STOP co-owner Jim Demonakos and I sat down to flesh the idea out and to see how it would really work, if at all. Maybe there was a reason it hadn’t been tried before? At first I found it really hard to wrap my brain around a completely different way of writing, but it seems that in the last few months we’ve hit our stride. Jim and I are so excited to be writing and recording songs about a subject we’ve loved our whole lives, and if you’re a fan of comics, movies, and games we know you’ll love these songs as well. It’s bizarre that it’s an almost completely untapped corner of music and if it’s true when they say they say write what you know, then between Jim and I we know A LOT of geeky shit.

Jim and Kyle are in the middle of recording an EP that you can look forward to seeing at the end of the year. So head over to their MySpace and give One Of The Guys a listen. Four listens, dammit, and then be sure to tell them how awesome they are, then please to pimp them out on your own blogs.

(And oh my God, Kyle and Jim, you totally need to sneak peek a few lyrics or whatnots to taunt them).


Elwood said...

I'll just leave the obligatory "THAT'S SO AWESOME!" post and move on.

At least this project isn't suffering from a lack of promotion...

Kyle said...