No Books For You

Okay, well, maybe just me. No books for me, thanks to the husband's car assaulting itself. What a fucking terrible week to be left with only one vehicle and not have the 9-5 job. Batman . . . tie-ins . . . Welcome to Hoxford . . . Runaways/Young Avengers . . . god DAMMIT.

I hate all of you a little this week, just so you know.

Our 99 Neon has been suffering some emotional issues since the purchase of our 01 Civic a few years ago, we've worked really hard to keep her feeling good about herself--spiffy new tires, new brakes, engine flushes and regular baths, but the old black mare just ain't what she used to be. (I think I just burst into flames writing "ain't", so let's never do that again, mm?_
Then, Sunday, in her finest move of acting out, her hood clasp snapped while Co-Creator was on the freeway, slamming it into the windshield while he was going 70.

Everyone is fine. Me especially, as I wasn't actually in the car at the time (thank God).

Well . . . almost everyone. Yes, that's my girl, shut away in the garage while she works out her emotional issues in a way that doesn't have the potential to kill one of her owners.

The husband would appreciate me taking a moment to inform my readers that the flowery seat covers are mine. I would appreciate me taking a moment to inform my readers that the flowery seat covers may be mine, but it's been nearly two years since I've driven the car and they are still there.

Let's do a mess of links and some random rambling, then pretend it's a post.

The Most Awesome That Ever Did Awesome From A Company You Haven't Heard Of:

Batman: Arkham Asylum the video game. No, really! They'll be utilizing the Unreal Engine 3 (WOOT!) and the 'they' I'm speaking of is Rocksteady Studios, a company in London who'll be developing it. Warner Brothers and Eidos is involved and the game is a third-person action game with a mood and story to match that of the magnificent trade and the style of play/setting is purported to be comparable to Bioshock.

Worried about the story? Shut your mouth--Paul Dini's writing this baby. The storyline as reported so far by WorthPlaying has the player-as-Batman delivering The Joker to Arkham, where an impressive amount of other villain characters have set a trap for him. With a setting of Arkham Asylum--and all the varied characters--the graphics damned well better be magnificent. And I'm hoping for an excellent, creepy score instead of cheesy movie knock-off music.

Martin Tremblay, President of Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment had this to say regarding the game, “Batman: Arkham Asylum offers players the chance to battle Gotham’s worst villains with Batman’s physical and psychological strength in a graphically distinct and story-driven game. We look forward to working with Eidos on expanding DC Comics’ world-renowned character Batman in the game space with a noticeably different feature set in an incredibly dark interactive environment."

Keep an eye on the Rocksteady website for more information--hell, keep an eye on it for the awesome countdown graphic that's occupying it right now. Due out in 2009, this baby has definitely hit my preorder list. I should be done with Fallout 3 by then.

Random Fallout 3 note: You will not see ANY PART OF ME the first two weeks after this bad boy is released. Bethesda goddamn guaranteed to give me the video game of my wet dreams. I remember playing Fallout when it first came out. I may cry and start caressing my console (not a euphemism) when I pop that baby in.

Anyone notice a whole lot of Levitz and a whole nada from Didio? Is it really just me--am I just magically noticing Levitz? Is this akin to learning a new word when you were little and then hearing that word all. day. long?

Well, Paul Levitz has an article here, he's talking about Watchmen here and it was Levitz we heard from regarding SDCC. All Newsarama, but CBR doesn't have any Dan Didio at all that isn't panel coverage.

Lionsgate has an upcoming DVD, Next Avengers that'll be out September 2nd. There's a sneak peek of it up on Newsarama, here. "Hawkeye's name is Francis??" Adorable. Looking forward to this.

Watchmen hits a million. Hot damn.

I'm very excited about a local company that's getting press here and gonna take a moment to pimp them out here, as they're taking an awesome approach to raising awareness for several different causes. Five Humans was founded in 2007 by Dan Grunvald and Lee Fine, who had the idea of making hip and interesting t-shirts with slogans and facts regarding different diseases geared towards raising awareness and breaking the silence barrier. They're called Disease Tees, which is awesome, and one of the most interesting and devoted campaigns against ignorance I've seen in a while.

This company has a big heart, great stories and an excellent product. I'd really love to see these shirts on everyone. Right now the causes are diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cancer and the newest one--and an important one for me--autism. They are always expanding, though, and are in the process of designing a new Disease Tee. Ten percent of your purchase goes to the cause it's for and with prices ranging $20 to $35 dollars, this is well worth it. Also? The clothes are totally quality and look awesome. So not only are you supporting a great cause of your choice, but getting cool gear in the process.

Go visit their site and take a look at their products and mission.

Another company is doing an awesome, awesome idea that I'm totally in love with. The site is a little obnoxious, but you'll want one. We Are Numbers.


Mike Miller said...

Glad no one was hurt in the car's suicide attempt.

Don't hate, you'll get your comic fix eventually.

Batman game looks cool.

Fallout and Fallout 2 were awesome, Fallout 3 will be amazing (and time-consuming) for sure.

I now want an Essential Tremor Disease Tee, but I may settle for supporting someone else's cause in the meantime.

qtilla said...

Sorry your car tried to widow you. I don't know if you can trust it now. (You know, since cars are kinda robots, and robots will eventually rise up against us. etc. etc.)

Elwood said...

This is the perfect opportunity for you to pitch the "Comics On Demand" delivery service to Brian and The Demon Brothers.

Also, everything that Q said. Robots are bad.

Kristina Wright said...

@M: More tees are in the works, I'm sure in a year they'll have tons!

@Q: Thank you! And I really don't think I can. Time to double-check that life insurance policy.

@E: That's Demon Nachos brothers, pal.

And it is a perfect time. Hmm.

Brian Meredith said...

@E - You know what's funny? I was actually driving through Tacoma on Thursday afternoon, and I could have easily dropped off books...

@F - My bad, Friday... I was driving by your place yesterday and it didn't occur to me to bring you books until I was passing exit 127 on the way to Raymond...