Vital Breaking News

Quiana is probably the only person I know who will be geeked about this, so this post is dedicated to her. I'd like to note that this is not an apology for the ass.

There is a box of NKotB SUPER GLOSS photocards in the back room here. And stickers.

There is no panda happier than me.

Edit: Any and all disparaging comments regarding the fantasticness of this will result in the non-sale of comic books to you on Thursday. Watch it, I know your box numbers.


Elwood said...

I wasn't going to say anything, honest.

You got the right stuff, baby.

PalinDrome said...

Talk about an empty threat. Seriously do you think fear of your wrath is stronger than Brian's love of my money?

qtilla said...

You better not be screwing with me, Friday. When I get to the stop I expect to see glossy NKOTB awesomeness.

BTW- I assume you will want in on the party bus concert action.

Darth McQuinn said...

She must have found Brian's secret stash of cards. Don't let him know you've taken them. He will get very upset.(And if not Brian's, I maintain they are Chris'. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)