I Have No Fidelity

Mondays and Tuesdays I'll be cheating on The Stop with . . . The Stop. Redmond Version. Stop in and see me if you can (also, spend money). I think it'll go super-awesome (so long as I stop acting like George, Brian and Jim and conquer the Scary, Scary Scanner) and I'm really looking forward to getting to play in that gorgeous store.

Seriously, if you haven't been in to visit yet, please do, it really is awesome. Um. Don't tell Lynnwood Stop, it'll get jealous and spend all day Wednesday harrassing me about how I don't take it out anyplace nice anymore and don't love it like I used to. Then it'll sabatogue me by eating the last box cutter. Sigh.


Elwood said...

You hussy.

Seriously, though...is it really cheating if it's another Stop? Just think of it as a drunken night out with the other twin. Awkward, sure, but thrilling in a way you can't describe.

Plus, less likely to be caught up in gunplay in Redmond than Everett. You might have to deal with the occasional drive-by snobbery in Redmond, though.

Brian Meredith said...

Hell yeah, it's cheating! She's a dirty bird!

How could you leave me... :(

Girl Friday K said...

E: Ooooh, forbidden, drunken twin-love. There's a plot just waiting to be written. There's totally drive-by snobbery, I love it. I FEED off it--more delicious, by the way, with A-1. Because everything is more delicious with A-1.

B: Awwww, you know I love you! I'm even bringing you donuts tomorrow. How is that not love?

Elwood said...

1. It's only love if you bring jelly donuts. Anything else is just teasing.

2. Donuts taste awful with A-1. Don't ask how I know that.