Could someone please stage a prompt rescue mission and eject Mr. Creepy "I Love the Navy" sweatshirt out of The Stop for me?

Brian? Merely taking the route of ignoring him and enjoying the fact that he isn't being harassed about stupid comic book questions.

Also? I'm certain he isn't going to spend any money.


Elwood said...

Tell him you just saw a group of hooligans from Lynnwood High break into his car, then lock the door when he leaves and put up a "Back in 30 days" sign.

qtilla said...

Have you considered ignoring him? I find ignoring to be useful in all but the most extreme of socially inept person circumstances.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Qtilla should have visited the shop in her current state and sneezed all over the guy. That would make him leave.

Darth McQuinn said...

You should come to the Redmond store. We only have to deal with the occasional weird Punisher fan.