I'd Like To Thank The Perverts

I finally got a creepy porn search. Woman+Donkey Sex.

Thank you, Pervert-Who-Really-Needs-Real-Not-Donkey-Sex. I'm quite thrilled and now I feel like I officially have a blog.


Elwood said...

If I had known that your blog would have popped up, I would have better defined my search parameters.

My bad. Sorry.

Girl Friday K said...

Shame on you and your inspecific Boolean logic!

Ferretnick said...

You're so lucky.
I only get searches for things like "camper smell" or "flowers that smell like blood" and various other 'smell-related' searches.

Nobody ever comes looking for sex at my blog.

I'll have to move it over to the 'red-light interweb district' I guess.

John said...

Hmmm... I typed "Pervert-Who-Really-
Needs-Real-Not-Donkey-Sex" and look where I landed! I'm sooo tired of Donkey sex.

Just kidding. Maybe.

After I did my short synopsis of Titans #1 on my blog, I've been getting "naked Starfire" hits. I think it's just Elwood, though, since he left a comment on that post.

Elwood said...

Curses...foiled again!

qtilla said...

I am SO proud of you. Oh and I think your next post should be about milkshakes and lollypops... no reason....