I'm a walking sitcom

Pirate Strip

Of course I'm hilarious, even in utter defeat.

Note: I wish I could draw. My stick figures usually don't even look like stick figures and considering I a) am actually a very visual person and b) want to work in a visual medium, this goes badly for me. Not like artists are rare or whatnot, but I'd love to be a One Chick Band.

Unfortunately, I'm trapped with only mere words.


Ally said...

Dude, I fucking love you guys. Just sayin'.

Elwood said...

I'll second the love. That was awesome, and a reminder to never play Pirates with you.

Girl Friday K said...

I get 2x Love! Or is it love squared? And thank you!

You SHOULD play Pirates with me! (Especially if I can win). I'm a much nicer sport in Magic.