WTF Weather

I got snow. A LOT of snow, actually, as I am down in Puyallup. Wonderfully enough the snow actually started on my drive home last night which made the ever-fantastic 167 just that much better to navigate.

Two things always happen when it snows while I drive: I always get paranoid about the snow flakes zooming towards my windshield, because one day, there will be that one smart ass ninja snowflake packing a rock. Also I inevitably start cracking jokes about entering hyperspace that are only funny to me (because I am the only one in the car, usually, and yes I talk to myself) and giggle maniacally while onlooking drivers merely begin to look more and more concerned. If the traffic is bad enough, like it was last night, I just roll down the window and yell, "There is no traffic in hyperspace!"

Yes, yes I did. Thank you. 'Cause traffic isn't traffic unless there's a crazy woman yelling.

Anyway! Onwards! Et Cetera!

Angel: After the Fall is an excellent example of how excellent writing (thank you Brian Lynch) can be easily ruined by horrible art (thank you, Urru). Can they please get someone else yet? The art, of which the faces of characters are barely distinguishable from one another, is heading into the strongly distracting zone and I am getting tired of guess-working by clothing and/or dialogue.

Transhuman is an excellent example of how I need to be in a certain mood to read certain comics, as I spent five minutes wading through two pages and then gave up for Green Lantern which was absolutely great. I did enjoy the five minutes though and when my attention span jumps out of that of a four year-olds, I am so on it.

Teen Titans wasn't completely horrible this month, though there was a lot of Rose Fan Service of which I am still on the fence about. Last issue everyone was drastically OOC in order to pump up Kid Devil's Emo (even though it didn't to go that way and Rose and Tim didn't need to act like snatches to get our little red devil's point across, thanks McKeever for writing the equivalent of a fourteen year-old girl's fanfiction Mary Sue). This issue we got to see Kid Devil splayed and bloody and very clearly abused, which made me feel much better about having to endure his teenage obnoxiousness from last month. And we got to see Rose being all super bad ass, which was nice if not completely random considering McKeever's "Girls Are Evil" characterization of her from the last two or three issues. Unfortunately we had to endure through (yes, we) more of Tim and Cassie's issues (wherein she thinks everything's about her and Tim longs to clone Not-My-Boyfriend-Honest Connor).

Though, again, not completely horrible. Just slightly and an improvement on last month.

. . . clearly, my standards have been lowered. I think I'm going to go read something smart now.


Elwood said...

There's no sound in hyperspace either, so they wouldn't hear you anyway.

Also, would these Ninja Snowflakes all carry throwing stars, none of which look like the others? That would be awesome.

Elwood said...

Also, "Ninja Snowflakes" is totally the name of my next band.

Girl Friday K said...

Ahahahahaha. Ninja Snowflakes will be an AWESOME name of a band. And their weapons repertoire is endless and evil.