Tortoro Sure Isn't My Neighbor . . .

If I have to watch/hear this movie one more time, I may go a little bats. My X-Spawn has watched it possibly twenty times since he got it from Auntie a few days ago. He can now quote nearly the whole movie, which always amazes/terrifies/impresses me. While I know that this is just part of the way his brain works out information and processes it, I still need to grab a swizzle stick and shove it in my ears for a while. I wait, with baited breath, for No More TV Time at noon.

Meanwhile, E-Spawn is mastering the Art of the Crawl and being the best little Carpet Commando she can be. Which really only means I'm getting up every three to five minutes to fetch her out of something she shouldn't attempt to consume (Legos, Play-Doh, Levi the Cat . . .). This isn't really the best development for my creative process and I'd also really like to know how I could actually forget about this stage. Oh well, there's always . . . her learning how to walk . . . and talk . . . and me never having a moment's silence again.

Tch. Silence is way overrated.

I won't slap up the Iron Man awesomeness, but I will go back to petting my computer screen and rewatching the trailer a few(dozen) more times.

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