. . . really?

Okay, here be Buffy Issue 12 Spoilers! Um . . . Yarr! (it seemed fitting and I've got a Pirates obsession going on right now. Something, btw, that could make a perfect segue into Buffy if I was into segues!) But I'm not. Though seriously, if you haven't read 12 by now, you probably don't care--but may still consider yourself warned.

Okay! Anyhow.

I'm seriously surprised that anyone who has been reading Buffy is shocked by her getting groiny with Satsu. Seriously, do those people even pay attention to Whedonverse? It isn't a push for attention from Goddard, it isn't shock value, it isn't . . . anything other than "Whoo! Buffy got laid!" Longtime Buffy fans may understand my exasperation with the fact that the whole damn world STOPS every time Buffy gets some. Enough, people!

No friggin' kidding she shacked up with a slayer who's got the hots for her. What a surprise! Wow! Except not really at all, but okay.

But really, let me express my absolute disgust at everyone's stupid fixation and how they missed the best thing about this whole Issue. Let me express it in a letter:

Dear Drew Goddard,

I think I love you. I know I missed you. Terribly, actually, and I'd like to personally thank you for giving me one of the funniest Post Sex Bedtime scenes ever and paying Xander some awesome, awesome One Eye Joke service. I'd offer to have your babies except I think my husband would get tetchy. BTW: Cloverfield was absolutely terrific, it took me right back to being a little girl and watching King Kong with my grandfather and being thrilled to bits over it, which really is one of my favorite childhood memories. Also, yelling "Run, GODDAMMIT, RUN! If the RATS are RUNNING PAST YOU, that means SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!!!" is always a good time in my house.

Again, though, I missed you. Terribly. I'd also like to take this moment to request that you please don't forget to officially out Andrew and take a few panels(pageswhatever) to emphasize his awesomeness.

Possibly Love,


There. See, people? The important thing for Buffy 12 wasn't obsessing about Buffy getting all hip-to-hip and walking through the wilderness, it was DREW DAMN GODDARD being fantastic and writing. PAY ATTENTION!!! Christ! All this "oh noes, Buffy's a lesbos?!" nonsense is ridiculous. That's not what matters and Whedon doesn't even want it to matter. It's another ingredient in the Buffy Cookie Dough, so eat it or just shut up and watch it bake, dammit.


Elwood said...

Good for you, not going for the easy Buffy/Muffy joke in there.

Besides, it's not like Buffy's got the best track record with men...why not switch it up a little.

Girl Friday K said...

Thank you! I try to avoid the obvious jokes. Unless, of course, I cannot think of anything better, than it's the express train to Cheap Shot Station.

And no, not so much with the guys for the Buffster. Poor, poor girl.