Format What? or: it's cute because i think you may care

Last week, an email from a friend got me thinking about blogging and the internet and all the things that come along with that. As I was writing the reply (er, still in draft, note to self), I came to a nice mental place about Geeked that I've been wandering about in aim of since I got the internet back.

One of the things I dread is being one of those Repetitive Bloggers, who discusses the same topic everyone else is (important note: I mean topic and not 'issue', since I like to learn the opinions of the bloggers I like to read) and generally doesn't have anything new or interesting to say about it. Maybe funny, but I'm unreliably funny to everyone not myself, which clearly won't work for us in the long run. I feel like the people I already consistently read say it the best and I don't need to echo them. That's boring. I am not, however, a personal blogger. Yes, I talk about my kids, but you guys aren't hearing about my lifelife, just the funny, edited parts. (Don't worry, the cut scenes are just eight hours of rehearsal for the Good Moments), because I don't like the idea that people I may never meet know Too Personal Things about me.

That's what email's for these days, I suppose, though the transition is weird.

Also, I'm busy, thanks to both my children knowing how to walk, talk and how to burn the house down. And Bug''s quite the clumsy-but-determined New Reader, so I'm trying to learn how to share my comic books with him. If you're curious, sharing is exhausting. I don't recommend endorsing it, just buy the little complainers their own damned toy/snack/book/minion. Sharing is for losers.

Don't tell my kids. And, uh, support your local library.

I want to write about the things I'm focused on and not feel as if I have to keep to one certain track--even if it's a self-imposed track and nothing more--so that's what I'll be doing.

You might be asking yourself now, 'Well, that point took forever to get to, but okay. So?'

Er, so. Expect different not-all-comics-related content and stuff from this chick geek's perspective, because, well, I have a lot of geeky paraphernalia scattered around the house and also breasts. On me, though, not really scattered around the house. Unless you count the two roommates. Also, probably some kid-related-geeky things, because that's one part of the I don't feel like I see enough around the internet. Having a sounding board for that as well as hearing back from other geek mom bloggers would be fun. And STILL hearing from the people I hear from before (insert: nonsubtle push not to abandon me and give me issues). I'm going to be making an effort to post daily, since it does help me focus and push my energies into one direction, which helps for getting other things done so far as writing or not throttling other humans.

I can definitely assure you that it'll all be of a Geek Content, in one direction or another, and I really appreciate all ten of you out there reading my nonsense. Every week I sacrifice a Teen Titan in your honor.

Small Print: By no means do I consider this post 'Breaking News'. I feel like the entire thing reads like an 'I AM SO IMPORTANT AND I KNOW YOU'VE BEEN DEVASTATED WITHOUT ME' ego-wank. I wrote it mostly because I know that I have like, uh,
five readers I don't know personally and I feel no matter the numbers if one is writing for public viewing, one has a small measure of 'hey, this is what I'm doing now' sort of fence to keep standing. Or something like that. Basically, it's important for you to know I'm not a self-important asshat.


Elwood said...

I don't care what you write about. I just like hearing from you. :)

Write for you, not for us.

Mike Miller said...

If you write it we'll read it... even if you do act like a self-important asshat ;) (not that you are) :)

Evie said...

Someone once told me "no one wants to read a blog post that explains why you haven't been blogging," and to that I say bullcrap. I want to know, and I like to get updates from bloggers I read about their plans and ideas, short-, mid- or long-range. And also I think a little "don't abandon me" is perfectly reasonable, I've done it a million times :).

Kristina Wright said...

@Elwood: Thank you. And I was going to say the same in return, but I see you already got the message. GOOD.

@MM: Ha. No, there are already bloggers out there waaaay better at that than I am.

@Evie: That's relieving to hear--and thank you. I think it's rude not to and just harder to balance out the 'how much of what' personal stuff goes in. If any of you guys stopped blogging, I'd want to know too. (In a year and a half, I'm going to start ending every one of our conversations with 'are you making BABIES yet??' Just like your parents.)

Kirk Warren said...

Looking forward to hearing more from you again in the future Kristina. I know it's difficult getting back in the groove of things and how life can put the ol' blogging thing on the back burner.