Jim Cramer on The Daily Show

I think it's extremely important for everyone to watch this interview. And then go research everything they didn't understand, and watch it again. All of us should know what's going on here and the underlying problem in our economy and why you/spousegirlfriendboyfriendsisterbrotherauntunclemotherfatherfriendetc lost your/their job.

And I love Jon Stewart for doing this and being as damned clever and educated as he is.


Dr. Zoltar said...

Cramer is an ass. Let's see:

1) He admitted to illegally doing actions to enhance the hedge funds he was managing.

2) He told people bad advice and only appologized after Stewart called him on it.

3) And now that the info is public he's gone running to neo-cons for protection.

He set himself up as a financial authority and he was wrong. People who believed him lost a lot of money. And he had nothing to lose people he's still a public figure.

Kristina Wright said...

@Dr. Z: Yes. That he's not sitting in jail right now or at least being sued is beyond me.

The Wall Street beneath Wall Street that Stewart was talking about makes me sick. How much money they made off us is disgusting.