A Love Story for the Ages

a love story

imaginationed by: x. "bug" wright
camera: kristina wright

Let it be known, for when Bug breaks into one industry or another, I'm the one that gave him his nickname. Enjoy life today.

Edit: Also, head over to Reason Is Treason and prepare to ENJOY it! Wicked Juan, I really love what you're doing with your blog right now.


Mike Miller said...

You should put an NSFW warning on this... Umbrella Porn... I smell a new industry! ;)

Evie said...

CUTE!!! And I just won't think about the fact that those umbrellas belong to your son and daughter respectively.

Elwood said...

Man...Spider-Man Umbrella gets all the Flowery Umbrellas. How does he do it?

This is beyond cool. Yay Bug!