Tax Day and Tea Parties

The Republicans are upset. Gosh, no one saw this coming. So, Fox News is really just a bunch of right wing morons with a cable news show to spout their tripe to the masses. Gosh, I'm shocked. Angry Republicans have figured out how to utilize blogs and Twitter. Okay, this, I'm actually a little impressed. Good job.

Before I get any Tea Party Activists with upgraded Google-fu commenting, I'll state this very clearly: I do not agree with you. This is an entire post about how I believe you are wrong. I am not, however, saying you should not protest. I will always believe in the freedom of speech and the right to protest, even when I do not agree. Especially when I don't agree, because that's what our country is fucking about. Don't you all feel distinctly American carrying your protest signs? Are you enjoying standing up to a government you don't believe in? Are you taking the time to enjoy the fact that you aren't getting pelted by stones or arrested just for expressing an opinion? I did.

I'd like you to remember though, that when I protested the Iraq War while my husband was in Iraq that I was called unpatriotic. I was yelled at. I was called Un-American for exercising my right to be angry at my government. I was accused of not supporting the troops. I was even called a liberal whore--and not just once, while I peacefully held my sign up and took my stand. I'd like all of you loud-mouthed Fox News idiots that are backing this protest to remember that when we took to the streets protesting this war, we and our backing politicians were openly mocked, ignored and politically beaten up for being unpatriotic and not backing our president.

I think you're all wrong, not unpatriotic. I'm pleased to have this opportunity to be a bigger person than you are. (I'm not big enough to not point it out, mostly because I'm pretty pissed about the 'whore' comments.)

I also believe that every single one of these protesters have the most convenient memories in the world. My Mister wishes desperately that I had this kind of memory, where the past eight years of so much worse just . . . magically doesn't exist. It amazes me that these people honestly believe it's President Obama's fault. That he isn't just stuck with the biggest fucking mess and is trying to save a country from death throes Select Republicans drove it into. All this complaining about the debt, about the tax cuts, about how much spending our President is doing is making me ill. As if Bush didn't spend his eight year term fucking us into the ground. As if nothing bad ever happened until President Obama took the reins of our wildly out-of-control bucking bronco Texa-fied country. Amazing. Amazingly uneducated and amazingly blind.

One more time: Uneducated, not Un-American. I believe that in America, you can be as stupid as you would like to be. Please stop taking advantage of that, though, because I saw a protest sign that had misspelled Barack.

Rule #1 of protesting: Don't make your cause look stupid while protesting.

If anyone feels like I'm making fun of them, it's because I am. There's pictures farther down, if you'd like to scroll. I think this is foolish. I think that it is so, so hilarious to watch the people who were, three years ago, enjoying that ride on the high horse. Wasn't it fun? Wasn't it just hilarious to mock liberals who were gnashing their teeth about the war, who were terrified of the direction their country was headed in? Wasn't it so, so funny to mock them when they started crying 'Recession! Recession!'? Did you enjoy that?

Chicken Little my ass.

And now all the people that were so smug, so secure, are standing on the street corners that have been vacated by the liberals and the whole fucking mess starts in the other direction. I, for one, will endeavor to not be smug, to not be overly rude. But I'll be a little rude, because when I was using my right to publicly disagree with my government, I was called a liberal whore.

I understand that a lot of people are Very Upset about taxes. I also understand that we're in a recession, unemployment is sky-rocketing and the phrase 'Second Depression' has become the boogeyman half-stepping out of our closets. I'm scared too. I worry too. Everybody is worried. I understand that it's pretty easy to focus on the day-to-day and blame whoever is in charge right now for our problems. But that will make you wrong.

No debate. No arguing. No reasons, no 'but-but-but's'. You. Are. Wrong. Wrong.Wrong.Wrongity-McWrong with an super-size side of Wrong and a Diet Wrong.

President Obama has not even been in office for four months. His people are ping-ponging, terrified and too many getting poorer by the day. The American people are acting like chickens with their collective heads cut off, we are acting like stampeding, panicking cattle and making the entire problem worse. It has never been more true that the masses cannot be trusted with scary information. Stop inciting your neighbor to panic. Stop revolting. Stop watching every second of news and working yourselves up. We have a problem, we have a big problem and as a nation, we ought to be working to make it better, not divide ourselves further and further and start spouting off about revolutions and civil war.

Would you like to know what happens in civil war, Big Talkers? Are you the same people that swore you'd pick up your double-barrel and go shoot Saddam and Bin Laden in the faces yourselves? 'Just gimme a rifle, ha-yuck.'? Here's what happens:

Alexandria, Va Soldier's Cemetery

A lot of fucking dead people, you idiots.

That said, I also think some of your signs are pretty stupid. Let's review!

Racist and totally 1995.

Should be sitting in on an elementary-level Government class, not protesting.

Actually, this is how they felt in 1773. But you're SO close!

Here's the previously-mentioned misspell.

Racism again, quite subtle this time.

Just confused.

. . . really?

Hey, more racism! Awesome!

This guy's just cool.

Also, I am stealing Anderson Cooper from Q. That is all.


Steph said...

AAAAMEN SISTER! Ditto everything you said and if I have to hear one more time that we're a Christian Nation I will SCREAM! I am proud to call you a friend regardless of what other ignoramuses may call you.

PalinDrome said...

You had me until the last line. There is no way you could take AC from Q.

Kristina Wright said...

@Steph: Name-calling makes the world go 'round. Thank you loads, lady. We need to have a girl's party soon. I will plot dates.

@P: . . . okay, you're right, she's a fierce fighter. But I can TRY. Or we could work on sharing.

Matt Ampersand said...

Great entry.

I have stopped following news from the U.S. ever since I moved out of there (with the exception of my daily dosage of Daily Show and Colbert Report), but once I heard about this I had to look it up myself and was left in an awe and daze I had already forgotten about.

Where were these people complaining about spending the past eight years? How many of these people are actually affected by the tax hikes? Is ignorance contagious all of sudden?

And by far, the biggest facepalm moment in this whole thing came when I learned that this whole thing was organized by Dick Armey (I won't make the obvious joke) who is a LOBBYIST. These are all the same people that complain about "big government earmarks", but they are fine with following someone whose whole job is to get those earmarks.

qtilla said...

Sharing would be awkward... I'm an only child.

If you make the moves on my AC, I will be forced to fight you.

Mike Miller said...

Can I just agree with Steph and say AMEN! (and I mean that in a non-denominational boo-yah kind of way, y'know like the group of mixed religious fellows who founded America might have said [that's right Christians, not all the founding fathers believed in your religion *gasp*]) whew! that's a hefty side note. And while your right that these idiots have the right to protest in the streets, you're also right that we have the right to make fun of them for it.

Really these people may have wanted to look up the common parlance of the term "teabagging" before they started spouting off (they also may want to investigate further what "no taxation without representation" means seeing as they all have duely elected Senators and such to complain to).

and the racism... um, really? People are out there spouting racist bullshit because the (vast, overwhelming actually) majority of Americans elected a black president... I really don't think there's a limit to how many times we can call these folks stupid.

As John Stewart said, "You lost, its supposed to taste like a shit sandwich."

Thanks for posting this and making some important valid points... and I'm pretty sure no one will judge you if next time you drive by a protest you roll down the window and call someone a "conservative whorebag slutbucket"... because this is America and its all just a giant game of one-upsmanship anyway right? ;)

p.s. This Sunday at the Tacoma Dome "K vs Q" for the affections of Anderson Cooper!

Andrenn said...

Great post. I agree that all these Tea protesters are being ignorant and stupid as all hell. It's sad really that so many people are just ignorantly doing this.

Thanks for showing the pictures, I didn't see them anywhere online.